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Re: ASM - AIX 5.3 - 10.2 ( RAW or RAID) ?

From: <>
Date: 7 Sep 2005 15:07:32 -0700
Message-ID: <>


Thank you for the reply !!

This is what I mean: (Sorry I don't have much of a clue on disk technology)

create diskgroup DG_1 external redundancy disk '/dev/raw/raw1';

(My understanding is hardware mirroring is possible while building LVGs
itself, later we can have either file system of choice or make it RAW. So hardware mirroring is nothing to do w/ either it is normal file system or RAW device. Correct me if i am wrong)

Here is the Actual situation:

VCS is implemented for HA on two Solaris servers. And many other database instances are sharing these servers already. I have a new system/database that is coming and planning on using ASM for the new database. So far we are not using any RAW devices for any of the databases. But SA can provide me either RAW devices or normal file systems (Veritas) for the new database to use ASM. They use veritas Volume Manager to manage the disk ( striping and/or mirroring)

Now the question would be..

  1. Will there be any problem in a situation of server failure when we use ASM for one of the database?

( when a server in a cluster fails, VCS exports and imports file
systems that are associated to a particular database to other server and later oracle instance will be started, but if we implement ASM, which actually mounts the disks... Wouldn't it be an issue for VCS ?)

In another words " how ASM works w/ VCS in the event of server failure in HA cluster?

2. Below is a snippet from ASM Best Practices...

"In SAN environments, it assumed that the disks identified are appropriately zoned and
LUN masked. Once the disks are identified, they will need to be discovered by ASM.
This requires that the disk devices (Unix filenames) have their ownership changed from
root to oracle. These candidate disks must already have a valid label on it, and should
not be managed (encapsulated) by any other LVM, such as Veritas."

In our case Verias manages the disk, So how to use ASM?

Thanks again,
Madhu Received on Wed Sep 07 2005 - 17:07:32 CDT

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