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Re: Get external data from, I think, a oracle database to excel

From: Mark Bole <>
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2005 14:26:54 GMT
Message-ID: <OMCTe.926$>

minismood wrote:

> I want to get some data from a time reporting system we use into Excel.
> The list from which I want to get the data from is generated on certain
> parametres such as period and which unit within the company. When you
> have generated the information you want a list of names of the people
> in the company appear and a list of days they have been involved within
> a certain project.
> The address ends with .aspx and I assume itīs asp .net?
> Is there any EASY way to get this information into excel like running
> "get external data" on the data-menu?
> The problem is that the information is not generated in a specific
> web-address, itīs always the same address to the list thatīs being
> created. example:
> Sorry for my bad english and explaining, hopefully someone out there
> understands?

Your question as it stands has nothing to do with Oracle. You are trying to get the HTML information displayed in your browser window into a spreadsheet. Either cut-and-paste, or use your browser's "save page (frame) as..." capability and open the saved file in Excel. You also might be able to use a scripting language such as Perl to perform a batch interaction with the HTTP server that duplicates what you now do interactively.

To get the data directly from the Oracle database, you need to know the same SQL queries that the application uses and have the same database login capability. Once you have those, several options are available, including SQL*Plus output to a flat file and ODBC.

-Mark Bole Received on Wed Sep 07 2005 - 09:26:54 CDT

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