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Re: Table default settings

From: Joel Garry <>
Date: 6 Sep 2005 14:20:07 -0700
Message-ID: <>

FC wrote:
> Thanks for your prompt response Ed.
> The versions of Oracle are 9i and 10g, I am developing an application
> that currently runs on MS SQLServer. I am now in the process of making
> it compatible with Oracle. My tablespace is locally managed.
> Recreating the tablespaces is no big deal for me, because I will have
> to do this only during new installation of my software. So if you tell
> me how to change the default settings at that point it will be great.

If you are creating tablespaces and tables during new installations of your software, you should probably be creating them with the defaults you want. You should have scripts and allow locals to modify them if desired.

> My unspecified changes will remain unspecified for now because I have
> to be able to map the MS SQLServer settings Vs. the Oracle settings,
> then I need to determine which settings are a must. But that is another
> story.
> Why do I want to change the default settings? Because my application
> runs on systems that already have Oracle installed. Since they may have
> their own default settings I want to make sure my own defaults are
> satisfied without interfering with the owner's defaults.

Since various things interact, and there are more things adjustable in Oracle, this may be a no-win. Some database-independent vendors simply say it's up to the local DBA. Others have procedures to let local DBA's define the settings. In the end, it depends on what exactly your app does and how you will be interacting with customers. I can say from experience some vendors (with orders of magnitude more tables than "2") look quite stupid from the Oracle point of view.

> You mentioned the ALTER commands, I am really not very familiar with
> them (yes, I am a newbie), is there a tutorial or a list that is
> available online for me to look at?
> My problem is that I know what I want but I do not know what the
> terminology is, so that creates problems when searching for
> information.

Tell us what you want, after the suggested reading.

> Thanks in advance for your help.


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