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Imp/exp and VNI-2015

From: Alan Searle <>
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 15:42:57 +0200
Message-ID: <df70on$86c$>

I am setting up an Oracle Management Server (9i on Win2K) to test the functionality. This has worked OK but I find that when I try to import a DMP database I get the message VNI-2015.

I followed the instructions that were displayed and entered the id of a local user (called 'oracle') to access the node. I restarted the Management Server and tried to log in again but got the same message. I imagine that this is because I need to set up the user with 'log on as batch job'. However, I cannot find this permission or profile in Win2K.   Is this because I am running a Win2K professional rather than Win2K server? Or am I looking in the wrong place?

I then wanted to run the import from the command line but find that SQL*plus allows presents me with a logon Window which won't accept the SYS or SYSTEM users (i.e. CONNECT SYS AS SYSDBA). How do I get rid of the login window so that I can work directly at the command prompt? Or what is the syntax to login 'AS SYSDBA'?

I also tried logging in as sysman but this also didn't work.

And when I login as a normal user (with IMPORT / EXPORT permission) I find that the imp and exp commands are not available. Is this because they need to be 'enabled' somewhere? Or are these commands only available to SYS / SYSTEM / SYSMAN ?

And I understand that there is an 'ultra-super user' called 'oracle' how do I find/activate this account? Or, if the account already exists what is the default password?

Any tips would be a great help.

Regards and thanks,
Alan Searle

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