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Re: Problem authenticating OS user as DBA even after granting DBA role

From: <>
Date: 26 Feb 2005 21:41:23 -0800
Message-ID: <>

ok here are the facts straight & simple. 1. i have a group called ORA_DBA.
2. i have a standalone system as at home so i installed as the local Administrator.
3. the local Administrator was automatically under the ORA_DBA group. 4. i can connect as scott/tiger, system/manager, sys/change_on_install, internal/oracle.
BUT when i type in "/ as sydba" which should log me in cause my OS username is under the ORA_DBA
group, it fails and gives the error Insufficient privileges Err. No. 1031.

5. i have got the solution in the reply from Sybrand Baker. i went through the checklist and checking if i had done whatever was told 'should be done before hunting for nonexisting problems' and finally came to the last item which dealt with the sqlnet.ora entry. this was the part i was unaware of and this did finally solve my problem.

i am a novice user and am still learning and i am very thankful for your tips. but there are some queries that still arise although these are not related to my last query, but i hope things can become more clearer if i can have those doubts cleared. 1. why isn't the sqlnet.ora file not configured by the database during the installation like the tnsnames.ora?
why does it still reside in the Sample folder untill manually altered? 2. before installing on win2000 i had tried the installation on winXP, the database service starts nicely when the database is created but fails after a reboot. this could be solved by deleting the old service and creating a new service with the same SID which starts fine, but that does not answer the cause. also in my case after the new sid is created while logging in it gives ORACLE not availabe while the database service & tnslistener service are already running. are these too, caused by misconfigured *.ora files?

help me clear those doubts,
thankyou ,
rishi. Received on Sat Feb 26 2005 - 23:41:23 CST

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