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Read the manual? What you talkin' bout Willis?

From: Steven Kondolf <>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 22:31:56 GMT
Message-ID: <>

OK, so maybe this is sorta tongue-in-cheek but the underlying question is valid ...

As a developer and Oracle Applications System Administrator moving into the DBA world of Oracle and E-Business Suite and lurking in this group for some time I've seen many replies to questions suggesting "read the manual", "check the docs", etc. and I have no problem with those statements. My question is: what is your process for researching the vast documentation Oracle provides so that the answer is found as quickly and efficiently as possible?

Example, we currently have 2 db versions; our production environment and our upgrade environment. We use both Dev 2k for production and Dev 6i as we migrate over. We're using Ent Mgr and Discoverer and are beginning to dabble with iAS 9i/10g not to mention all the small apps that come with the development cd's. And we plan to begin reviewing the 10g database soon. I've loaded the doc cd's from all these suites of products on the network so they're accessible. I know about, OTN and Metalink and have found a fair share of info thru google and other 3rd party sites.

So when a question arises that you don't know off the top of your head, what process do you follow to find the answer i.e. do you ALWAYS research the Oracle cd's first, or Google, OTN, etc. What's your path to finding the answer?

Maybe suggestions here will help others in formulating a research plan.

Now I'm sure someone will tell me to read the manual of available manuals right? ;-0 Received on Fri Feb 25 2005 - 16:31:56 CST

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