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Re: difficult RMAN archivelog requirements

From: Oxnard <>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 19:00:45 -0600
Message-ID: <>

"vm22" <> wrote in message
>> There will be up to 24 copies of a single archived log file. I tried
> working
>> with the 'copies' option, however I found it was really refering to
> the
>> number
>> of backup pieces not the indivigual archived log file.
> Firstly, you should not need 24 copies? That aside, each destination
> will be different - therefore, your clause of 'format' tell RMAN where
> the files are and the filename format.
> 1. So, what exactly is the problem here?
>> The first backup statement will work. As I do a log switch before the
>> backup.
>> However the second may fail if there is not a logfile older than 1
> day. This
>> is an issue as I grep for RMAN-00569 in the log file generated. Thus
> I would
>> get a true error but not really one I'm looking for.
> So, the problem is with the second statement. You are looking for an
> end-of-stack error code (to see if RMAN has errored I presume).
> 2. What error does RMAN report if there are no logfiles over 1 day?
> 3. Even if you get this error message, can you not ignore it?
> Generally - you should seperate out the archivelog deletion and the
> RMAN backup. As you have mentioned, you will be backing up to tape in
> production, therefore, there will be a Media Manager involved. Create a
> job in the Media Manager to delete archivlog files that are older than
> one day. Create a separate job to run the rman backup of all the files
> in the archivelog directory (skip inaccessible).
> Vivek

That was the point I do not want 24 copies Received on Mon Feb 14 2005 - 19:00:45 CST

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