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Re: replicating snapshots (multitiered materialized views)..

From: NetComrade <>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 16:41:53 GMT
Message-ID: <420cd1f8.758867303@localhost>

to paragraph one, I apologize for the confusion

there is site A, which has a complex mview a_mview (aka snapshot), which I am trying to replicate to site B in a 'fast mode'.

From documentation it seemed to be possible, but in practice whenever complex mview a_mview refreshes on site A, I get the ORA-12034 on site B, unless I do a complete refresh (the fast mode would've permitted me to not refresh at all unless a_mview had changed, there is actually a set of complex mvews I am trying to replicate, which refresh at different times). So the snapshot on site B should be a complete mirror of snapshot on site A.

You did confuse me with your last paragraph, as you anticipated you would :)


On 10 Feb 2005 12:55:20 -0800, "Anurag Varma" <> wrote:

>before I start: mview = snapshot ... in this discussion
>If a mview is considered to be complex, it cannot be fast refreshed.
>There lies the first confusion in your post. You seem to be trying to
>fast refresh a mview based on a complex query?
>You also refer to multitier snapshots: By this I think you mean nested
>snapshots (i.e. a snapshot based on another snapshot).
>However, you seem to have shown very little creativity in naming things
>Everything in your example is named "A".
>ORA-12034 is generally raised if you create the mview *before* the
>mview log ... or
>if your mview did not get registered in the master site and some other
>mviews refresh caused the mview log on the master to get truncated
>*before* your mview did the refresh. Doing a complete refresh or
>recreating the mview should help in this case to register the mview (or
>use the dbms_mview pkg to register your mview).
>I fear my answer seems as confusing as your question :)

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