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Re: http server causes multiple instances of java.exe

From: Pat Paulson <>
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 10:26:01 -0600
Message-ID: <eksMd.25707$%h4.9511@fe06.lga>

Thanks for the help. I have XP and so have tasklist.exe. Running that with the /svc (service) option all it says is N/A. Running with the /v (verbose - cute) it gives me a session name of "console" and user name of "nt authority\system".

After 5 minutes of turning on the Oracle http server I had 56 instances of java.exe running and my system was at a crawl. Sigh.

I will do some more research on the results of the above but would certainly welcome any more input!!!!!!

Thanks again,
Pat wrote:
> Pat Paulson wrote:

>>I installed Oracle 9i Personal and am now running it with jdk1.5.0_01

> (I
>>did have an earlier version but uninstalled and reinstalled with the
>>newer version, hoping for a resolution, but no go).  The problem I

> have
>>is when the HTTP Server is running it keeps kicking of multiple
>>instances of java.exe (as seen in the task manager) and drags the

> system
>>down.  As soon as I stop it via Admin Services the java.exe spawning
>>stops, as soon as I start it up it goes.  I can watch

> task
>>manager and it adds another java.exe about every 2-3 seconds.

> Task Manager won't help you identify what component of Oracle software
> this process is running. If you have tlist.exe (from,
> type tlist -t under DOS to identify its parent-child relationship.
> tlist <pid> to look at the current working directory and command line.
>>From some of the system properties defined for this process in CmdLine,

> you can tell what process it actually is. tlist -s lists services
> associated with processes (some of these associations are not shown in
> tlist <pid>).
> Alternatively, use Process Explorer (from, which also
> tells you what files the process holds open. Interesting files are
> usually log files.
> Yong Huang
Received on Thu Feb 03 2005 - 10:26:01 CST

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