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Re: Import/Export issue on huge database

From: Connor McDonald <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 22:00:47 +0800
Message-ID: <>

SR wrote:
> Hi all,
> this is my first post to the group, so pleased to meet you :-)
> We are running an application server we bought from a supplier. The
> application stores data in two instances (Unix), summing up to
> roughly 1.5 terabytes and running on the same machine, connected to a
> storage unit that hosts the datafiles.
> A new version of the software will be installed in June. The new
> version will use and, since the application is mission
> critical, our management doesn't want to dismantle the old version
> until we are confident about the new one. To this end, the supplier
> will provide a server + connected storage to temporarily host the new
> version.
> For political reasons I'm not going to explain here, the new server and
> storage will go back to the supplier when the old version is
> dismantled, that is, there is no way we can keep at least the storage
> unit.
> Therefore, when we throw away the old version we'll need to fully
> migrate the db from the new server+storage to the old server+storage
> (after uninstalling 8i and installing 9i, of course). The storage
> supplier (not the same company that developed the software) says a
> low-level copy is not possible because the units are a different model.
> Transportable tablespaces are not an issue because none of the
> tablespaces is self-contained. Exporting and importing 1.5 terabytes
> scares the hell out of the management (up to now all upgrades have been
> carried out on the same machine, using catalog scripts). We have no
> clue how long the process would take.
> Has anybody here performed such a big export/import?
> Do we have any other options to migrate the db?
> Thanks a lot
> Stefano

Why not just backup the database to the new storage gear, and then run the 8i => 9i upgrade afterwards? With a hot backup, this would also dramatically reduce downtime.

Or am I missing something obvious ?

Connor McDonald
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Co-author: "Oracle Insight - Tales of the OakTable"


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