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Re: Oracle DB cannot restart due to missing REDO-file

From: T. Lehrmann <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 23:23:29 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Hi David,

thanks for your advice, I already tried out to copy the file REDO01 and rename it to REDO02, but Oracle discovers the different header. Then I took a hex editor and manipulated the header for the pseudo-REDO02 (exchanged "thread 0001"in header versus "thread 0002") but Oracle now was complaining about a wrong file size...I think these manipulations are in vain, mostly because REDO02 may had totally different content than REDO01. But why the hell does Oracle need this stuff also for starting the DB if I won't use it (at least for the moment) because I'm not planning to recover my database (the DB data files *.dbf still exist).

Isn't there a way to tell Oracle that it shoudn't give a damn about these files (e.g. by adjusting it in the init.ora) or, if this won't work, by telling Oracle to recreate REDO02 from REDO01 perhaps? (Somehow Oracle itself was apparently also able to rebuild the deleted REDO01 file.. ?!)

ANY HELP IS REALLY APPRECIATED (unfortunately I need the DB, the content was important 4 me).

Thanks in advance,

<> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> T. Lehrmann wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have a big problem with my Oracle DB (V 9.1): the service cannot
> start and
>> when trying to connect Oracle error message "ORA-01033" pops up,
> saying
>> "ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress". In the log file is
> written:
>> "Errors in file c:\oracle\admin\DBNAME\bdump\DBNAME_lgwr_480.trc:
>> ORA-00313: open failed for members of log group 2 of thread 1
>> ORA-00312: online log 2 thread 1:
>> ORA-27041: unable to open file
>> OSD-04002: File cannot be opened
>> O/S-Error: (OS 2) System cannot find the specified file"
>> This was casued because I deleted the 3 REDO-logfiles REDO01.log,
> REDO02.log
>> and REDO03.log of my database (I am no real DBA, I thought Oracle
> only needs
>> this files if one wants to recover a DB!).
>> Apparently, Oracle recreated REDO01.LOG, but not the other two files
> and now
>> has problems to even start the DB.
>> Is there any way (e.g. nologging adjustments in init.ora) to get my
> DB
>> started again?
>> Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance,
>> Thomas
> You now know differently.
> The simplest way to attempt (and that is what this is, an attempt) to
> get your database running again would be to copy your existing
> REDO01.LOG to REDO02.LOG and REDO03.log and see if Oracle will start.
> I cannot guarantee this to work, as the file header would be duplicated
> for each copied redo log.
> You may be stuck recreating your database from scratch.
> I hope you either have an export of your current data or have nothing
> of consequence stored in this database.
> In the future do not be quite so careless again.
> David Fitzjarrell
Received on Sun Jan 16 2005 - 16:23:29 CST

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