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Re: Advice on oracle 7 migration

From: <>
Date: 27 Dec 2004 13:26:43 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi Ujang,

This is the problem with this Newsgroup. Supposedly experts simply do not help but make casual useless and some times rude remarks. I suppose they get some pleasure out of that. If they cannot answer, they should move on to the next thread without replying to the thread.

But I would answer your questions as much I can.

As other replies have mentioned, it is a big project, but do not get discouraged by some of the replies. It will not get done fast so it depends on how your management goes about it. Is there a deadline ? How many developers are involved in conversion ? Budget ? etc.

I was involved with almost exactly the same situation about 4 years ago. Converting Forms3.5 to Forms 5/6/6i. I know you want to convert to Forms 10g. I am in the process of converting Forms6i to Forms10g which seems to be relatively simple after you read lots of documents. Reports are next. Cannot say much about that right now.

Here are my suggestioons:

First thing you should do is to buy Oracle Forms Developers Handbook by Albert Lulushi. An Excellent book for Forms6i !!! But the concepts are still good for Forms 10g. Except the web publishing aspect of it, developing Forms 10g is not much different than developing Forms6i. You can learn from that book about Object libraries, PL/SQL libraries, Menus, triggers and bunch of other useful information. I don't know if he has a book on 10g Forms. Learn about object libraries. You may be able to use Blocks, LOVs etc. stored in the object libraries in multiple forms by simply inheriting from the object libraries. They are modifiable in the inherited form.

If you have access to Forms6i, use it to convert the Forms3.5/Forms3.0 not for the forms but to reuse the tremendous amount of code that my be present in those forms for procedures, functions and triggers. Some of the procedures and code can become part of your PL/SQL library to be used by many forms. The converted form is practically useless as a GUI form.

Next, download 10g AS and 10g DS.

For forms development:

10g DS install is pretty straight forward. You will need to configure the registry, Forms90_path for the location of your forms *.fmx files, report rep files, object libraries and PL/SQL libraries. Alternatively, you can do that in
<ORACLE_HOME_DS>\forms90\server\default.env file. If you want to
tailor your forms to your liking you can configure

You will have to start the OC4J first, then open the forms builder to develop and display the form.

For Forms Publishing to the web:

This may not be typical but this is the way most shops do installs.

10gAS, you have to first install the infrastructure, in its own home

Select Installation Type:Identity Management and OracleAS Metadata Repository, and follow the prompts.

Then, install 10gAS Middle Tier in its own home

Select a Product to Install: Oracle Application Server 10g. Select Installation type: Business Intelligence and Forms and follow the prompts.

In the middle tier you will have to configure
<ORACLE_HOME_ASMIDTIER>\forms90\server\default.env file and
<ORACLE_HOME_DS>\forms90\server\formsweb.cfg just like you did for
the <ORACLE_HOME_DS>. There is
no Registry to configure for the 10gASmidtier.

I may have left a few things here and there.

But, this is in a nut shell suggestions that I can give you. Thanks.

Og Received on Mon Dec 27 2004 - 15:26:43 CST

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