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Re: Oracle on Windows Server Vs Xp-Pro

From: Howard J. Rogers <>
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 03:17:01 +1100
Message-ID: <41c99e08$0$4537$>

Newton Bolton wrote:

>> Newton Bolton wrote:
>>> Does anyone know if using the Windows Server OS instead of XP-Pro 
>>> will offer any performance advantages?
>>> I don't plan to use ANY Microsoft products such as IIS or Exchange.
>>> This will be a pure Oracle database server.
>>> Thanks in advance-
>>>   Newt

> Howard J. Rogers wrote:>
>> You'll know already, of course, that workstation-class MS operating 
>> systems only permit 10 concurrent users to access the machine from 
>> other workstations. Your anticipated load of 8 is already perilously 
>> close to that, and the Server O/S might be justified on those grounds 
>> alone -plenty more growth room. Besides which, you need to be careful 
>> that workstations don't do unintended 'silent' cross-connections, 
>> which steal from your number of permitted connections.

> I didn't know of this limit. Is this a licensing limit, performance
> limit or a limitation enforced by the MS software? I have departments
> with 14 Oracle "named users" and they all connect to the server every
> day, even though only 2-4 may be using the application. The nature of
> this department is such that they interact with the database only a few
> times every hour, so the effective load on the database is negligable.
> However, I have never had a problem with people connecting to the
> 'server' (Win-NT 4.0 workstation)

It's an intrinsic software limit (that is, it's not something you can license your way out of).

As a for-example, try:

It was the first one I spotted on Google. It talks a lot about Windows 2000, but there is also mention of NT and XP. And someone confuses PC-to-PC connections with Internet Connections, but the general point is clear enough, I hope.


 > The Oracle
> application (on the server) needs to run Reports 6I to create PDF
> reports for emailing, so that rules out Linux for now.

I don't understand that comment.... are you saying that Reports 6i is not available in a Linux version? Or that you can't produce PDFs on Linux?

The latter I know not to be the case. And the former... well, a quick trip to's download page reveals a Reports 6i Release 2 is available for SPARC Solaris, Windows NT/2000/XP ...and Linux.

Am I missing your point, then?

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