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Postmortem on How do I set ORACLE_SID in windows

From: <>
Date: 14 Dec 2004 15:52:22 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi Everyone,

I want to thank everyone that responded to my post from last Friday both who defended me (hpuxrac) and insulted me(most posters).

Except Randy Harris most early posters answered my question with insults. I thank randy for being precise and helpful.

You can throw insults and abuses at me, but as long as I get the answer I am happy. I always learn something useful and new from this news group.

I was flabbergasted by the number of posts in that thread not pertaining to the main and simple question. This is a waste of time on all our part.

I did have typo in my previous post. It should have said:

ORACLE_SID=xyz; export ORACLE_SID (Bourne shell)

I was in a hurry to go home, 200 miles driving for the weekend.

For those who care to know here are the points I want to make about the that thread:

Refunding money to Customer:

This customer's business is about 200 miles from where I live. He had 10gAS, 10gDS and 10gDB installed by some computer students and nothing was working. He called me and asked me to come over and straigten the mess out. I quoted him my rate and he did not flinch.

I started here last Tuesday, Dec 7, and in 2 days flat I uninstalled 10gAS, 10gDS, 10gDB and re-installed and configured 10gAS Infrastructure, 10gAS Middle Tier, 10gDS and 10gDB and everything is working fine.

My Oracleguru e-mail address:

In todays Oracle world no one is truly an Oracleguru because there are so many aspects of Oracle. Most of us are lucky to know 50% or less of Oracle software.

I picked up my company's name Oracleguru, DBA (Doing Business As) about 10 years ago and am registered in Texas. At that time if you knew Forms, reports, Pro*C Userexits and DBA fundamentals you pretty much knew everything about Oracle and you were Oracleguru.

Any one knows what UFI stands for in Oracle ? It stands for User Friendly Interface and was the extension used for forms 2.3 files, DB release 4.1 on PC in 1985-86. That is all I wanted to say about my experience with Oracle.

If your blood pressure goes up when you see my e-mail address, do not respond to my post. Some one who cares will.

Some one gave me Advice on taking UNIX courses etc:

At one company they had forms 3.5 on UNIX SUN machine which called Bourne shells which called SQL*Plus reports, Fortran programs etc. These reports went to the individual user's UNIX printer not windows printer.

When they moved forms to Forms6i on windows, they wanted the same functionality i.e. run the forms6i on windows, run the same Bourne shells on UNIX and send the reports to user's UNIX printers.

With the same knowledge base, UNIX, windows and Forms6i, I designed the system in less than 1 month and it works great. To boot the users do not have or need UNIX user id.

Services for orcl:

There are actually 3 services for any database created via installer or DBCA. OracleServiceORCL, OracleDBConsoleorcl and OracleJonSchedulerORCL (disabled). I have not created via scripts yet, so cannot say much about that method.

Why I created orcl during install:

To see how Oracle created data files, tablespaces, file management etc. and generally to play with the database, OEM. I can always drop the database if not required.

Why not use DBCA to create database:

That was my intention to do it later on but I wanted to use scripts to create database, tablespaces etc. like I was used to, may be that is not the best way to do it.

Yesterday I learned DBCA, also using orcl I learned more about OEM and how to do DBA stuff in command window. I already created my xyz database using DBCA, OEM and command window.

False advertising vias e-mail:

I have a white lit for my, everything else bounces so it cannot be false advertising.

I know this is not useful to anyone except the repspondents to my previous post.

But thanks a bunch.

Ora...g..u Received on Tue Dec 14 2004 - 17:52:22 CST

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