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Re: Restore whole from Tape

From: David McGeorge <>
Date: 2 Dec 2004 09:35:02 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Thanks Howard for the info. The tape backup is IBM Tivoli TSM platform, I think it does just blind vanilla tape backup. So I agree with you because of all related componenst like ddls , registery, the Oracle binary will not just magically worksright out of batch from tape, so it is better not even restore the Oracle directories as far as I think what you agreed on... please advise

Some questions about 11i though if you are familiar as well. Really appreciate if you can shed some lights:

backup and restore of 11i... what backups exactly I need? only database backup is enough? and what extra cares during restoring process required...let's say for example we want to do a Full OS restore from tapes, does everything going to work or need some extra steps/commands as far as app/db connection concern? Is any full restore script exist somehwere?

where is the app log file? does it have something like alert log?

when we install 11i, does it had HR11i , Financial 11i, Purchase11i, ... or each will be install separately?

AND at the end I feel you a super guy man Howard, I saw you answers millions of questions in this group with so much useful details, god bless YOU! Like to know your background, your own company info and some more info reagrding your bio, personal web site, etc if it is feasible to picture you as a mentor, seriously

BEST Regards

"Howard J. Rogers" <> wrote in message news:<41aa1506$0$24380$>...
> David McGeorge wrote:
> > If you restore All Oracle Folders ( Data, Binary, defaults, etc. )
> > from Tape backup in Win 2000 env is it going to work ??
> Probably not. There's the small matter of the registry to worry about.
> In the event of disaster, I'd almost certainly re-install Oracle, rather
> than attempt to recover it off tape.
> Your database, of course, is a different matter. And the only sensible
> answer to the "is it going to work" question then becomes "only if your
> tape backup software knows how to perform Oracle (hot) backups properly,
> and only if you have kept all redo generated since the time of your last
> backup".
> Basic tape backup software, in short, will not understand Oracle
> properly, and so hot copies of the database they take so easily will be
> unusable. Pay enough money, however, and you can buy tape backup
> software with 'Oracle agents', and they will backup properly.
> Or you could learn how to use RMAN, which is free.
> > I mean is
> > Oracle going to work?
> >
> > What about app 11i if restore from tape?
> >
> > What extra steps neeed to be done if any?
> >
> > Thanks billions
> That's about what I'm tempted to charge! You can't seriously ask such an
> open-ended question. Fair enough if you provide a few more details, such
> as the sort of hardware and tape backup software you're using. But even
> then, the basic answer is: does your software understand Oracle, or is
> it generic tape backup software?
> And as for the extra steps needed to be done: think lots and lots of
> them, such as testing whatever backup strategy you finally adopt. It's
> no good, in other words, anyone here saying "yes, that should work" or
> "no, I don't think that will work properly". Only you can answer that
> generic a question by finding out for yourself by setting up a test
> environment, and blowing it up in a multitude of different ways and
> satisfying yourself that there are no circumstances where you couldn't
> recover properly.
> If you supply a few more details, and ask a few more focussed questions,
> then this group can certainly lessen the learning curve. But you're
> ultimately going to have to understand Oracle's recovery mechanisms, and
> put them to the test with whatever advice you get here.
> Regards
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