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Re: Time to run Catproc.sql

From: Howard J. Rogers <>
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 20:22:46 +1000
Message-Id: <413edd7f$0$20716$>

Jude wrote:

> I have recently installed Oracle on my laptop (v A
> database was created as part of the installation and that seems fine.
> However i have since created a new database using scripts as I want to
> replicate another database we have. I have run catalog.sql and that
> didn't take long but am currently running catproc.sql and it seems to
> be taking a very long time. I have tried it once and left it running
> for 12 hours and still hadn't finished. On checking the log, however,
> I realised that it needed the database to be open as errors were
> occuring (mine was started but not mounted). I started it the database
> and ran catalog.sql again and started catproc.sql (a couple of hours
> ago) and it's still going. Is this normal?? Any suggestions as to why
> it could be taking so long would be much appreciated
> Cheers
> Jude

There seems to be an awful lot of fumbling and stumbling going on there. The script of course needs to be run with the database fully open as it is about to create a lot of objects *within* the database. It also needs to be run (like catalog.sql) as SYS.

Yes, catproc can take a long time to run. I used to get my classes to start it as they left for lunch. It was invariably finished by the time they returned or shortly thereafter. Therefore, on a Pentium III 866MHz, expect it to take 1 hour.

Make sure your database is not in archivelog mode when you run it. If you have to be inarchivelog mode, make sure that ARCH has been started and can generate all and every archive log that it needs to.

After that, it's time to start wondering about your memory allocations and your I/O issues generally, and the only thing that's going to be of definitive help there is Staspack.

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