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Re: Database won't start Automatic, balks at datafile mount

From: s.kapitza <>
Date: 24 Jul 2004 01:11:30 -0700
Message-ID: <>

hello, (Purity Control) wrote in message > As an experiment, I copied the balky database to another NT 4.0 SP6
> Oracle 7.3.4. server and recreated the services, rebooted. Exact same
> behavior with the services. I've never encountered such a balky database.

wouldn'd this imply that the problem is in the database/init.ora ? - any difference in the init.ora (passwordfile, os auth ... ?)

Does a newly created DB show the same behaviour ? If not i would recreate the balky db or import it in the newly created.

I must confess that haven'd understand this "connect internal" thing fully
but - you wrote that you have to enter the password when connecting. Have you try'd to sync the internal passwd with sys user ? It seems you have to enter the password for internal.

Are you sure that the instance is up, when the server boot's ? as you wrote :

>SVRMGR> connect internal
>Connected to an idle instance.
>SVRMGR> startup
>ORACLE instance started.

it doesn't look like.



> Frank van Bortel <> wrote in message news:<cdnurf$m2j$>...
> > Purity Control wrote:
> > > Frank van Bortel <> wrote in message news:<cdldb8$fdd$>...
> [liberal snippage]
> > > The behavior I am seeing is that both services go to a status of "Started"
> > > and OracleStartSID never completes. This is why the background services are
> > > in memory. It cannot complete, because the service is unable to mount
> > > the database files. This is the real mystery -- what can't it mount
> > > the database files?
> >
> > Where do you have that information from?!?
> Logical conclusion from the Alert Log and Task Manager. The Alert Log
> clearly shows that all the background processes have started, and the
> Task Manager shows the SGA in memory. The next process in a startup
> is to mount the datafiles and open the database. The datafiles never
> mount.
> > I've seen similar behaviour
> > on the same platform with clusters, where the service simply was faster
> > than the cluster s/w. The drive(s) on which the data files resided,
> > simply weren't available at the time the service was started.
> > - move the data files to direct attached storage devices (and
> > prove the point)
> > - make the service dependant on the cluster services.
> This is a Windows NT PC, not a unix box. The disks are available at
> boot. The fact that the server has 2 databases on it, and the
> datafiles for both are on the same drive (F:) is more proof
> that the device F: is available. One database opens just fine,
> the other balks at the datafile mount on reboots.
> > Hm - symptoms, that would subscribe to the above.
> > What about a Command Line Interface (CLI - or "DOS Box"), and:
> > net start OracleStartVAPP
> > or
> > net stop OracleStartVAPP
> Yeah, done that many a time. It starts and stops
> cleanly from a Command Prompt window, just not
> at a server reboot.
> I really need this database to open at reboot. I'm shipping
> this server to a site with no DBA. All they are going to know
> how to do is reboot the server. If the database doesn't open
> at reboot, they'll be lost.
> > What about the NT logs (specifically: Application and Security
> > Logs) - any failure codes there?
> Event logs are clean.
> Thanks.
Received on Sat Jul 24 2004 - 03:11:30 CDT

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