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Re: 10g database dev edition available on CD?

From: Hans Forbrich <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 01:54:24 GMT
Message-ID: <k7FLc.107382$eO.65144@edtnps89>

Bob Arnold wrote:

> Is the 10G database (release 1) developer edition available on CD?
> I don't have broadband, so downloading this edition via OTN
> "Oracle Software Downloads" would not be workable.

You have received a number of helpful ints & tips. A clarification of some terms ...

  1. Edition (= feature set)
    For Database:
    • Personal Edition as the same capability & feature set as Enterprise Edition since it is intended for a developer to create Enterprise applications
    • Standard Edition One is virtually the same as Standard Edition, but limited to machines capable of 1 or 2 CPU
    • Standard Edition is a subset of Enterprise Edition, mainly with 'High Availability' capabilities turned off as it is primarily intended for a 24x6 or less workgroup or small company that would have maintenance windows. Limited to machines capable of 1-4 CPU.
    • Enterprise Edition is designed for corporations that have defined scalability and/or availability needs - 24x7x364.99 with x'000 users. Has additional features and _options_ to support those needs.

Oracle has a large number of support files, and most of these are common across all editions. In terms of what's on the disk, there are almost negligible differences between the editions. As a result, it's quite efficient for Oracle to put all editions on the same CDs (or download) and separate the few differences at install time.

For Application Server:

2) What to buy

Oracle separately sells: Software; Licenses; Support. Software and Support are linked back to a specific License.

Oracle used to have quite a few different license agreements, and each was pretty unique. Now-a-days, the primary differences are these 4 classes and a negotiated price on the last two.

CPU and Named User Plus are generaly available perpetually or for a term.

Developer and Trial are currently free.

Hans Received on Wed Jul 21 2004 - 20:54:24 CDT

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