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ANN: Stylus Studio 5 XML IDE Adds XQuery Development Support for Saxon 7

From: Stylus Studio <>
Date: 21 Jul 2004 13:07:48 -0700
Message-ID: <>

We are pleased to announce new integrated support for the Saxon 7 XQuery processor in our advanced XQuery editing and Mapping tools.

Stylus Studio 5 is now available for free trial download at:

Stylus Studio's XQuery development support includes tools such as:

XQuery Editor – Full support for editing and testing any XQuery expression.

XQuery Mapper – Intuitive drag-and-drop lets you create XQuery without writing any code: create a link between elements in two XML documents, choose from the processing options suggested by Stylus Studio, and run the XQuery. The XQuery Source window lets you see the code as Stylus Studio creates it.

XQuery Profiler – Benchmark and tune advanced XQuery expressions using customizable performance metrics. Use the standard report, or use Stylus Studio's data to create your own.

XQuery Debugger – Set breakpoints and step through the evaluation of any XQuery expression to locate and eliminate XQuery errors.

XQuery Scenarios – See how your XQuery performs against a variety of input and output documents, set parameter values, and configure Profiling options.

For detailed information about Stylus Studio's enhanced support for XQuery, visit:

Additionally, Stylus Studio's benchmark support for XSLT includes many of the same tools features provided for XQuery, including support for the Saxon XSLT processor:

XSLT Editor – A truly XSLT-centric and highly productive editing module for XSLT development.

XSLT Mapper – Create XSLT graphically, using intuitive drag-and-drop to define xsl:for-each, xsl:value-of, and other XSLT statements. View the XSLT Stylus Studio creates while you map.

XSLT Profiler – Record performance metrics such as call tree execution time, execution time by XSL element, or log step-by-step execution times.

WYSIWYG XSLT – Visually develop XSLT stylesheets to transform XML to HTML. XSLT Debugger – Eliminate bugs from any XSLT stylesheet. Debugging features let you watch variables, Call Stack and Backmap Stack windows display processing history and let you quickly jump back into the code.

XSLT Scenarios – Use scenarios to specify parameters and post-processing options, processors (including Saxon, Xalan-J, and MSXML .NET), and Profiling options.

Learn more about Stylus Studio's industry leading XSLT tools at:


The Stylus Studio Team Received on Wed Jul 21 2004 - 15:07:48 CDT

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