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Re: oracle - mysql comparison

From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2004 21:18:08 -0700
Message-ID: <1090124309.421882@yasure>

Dan wrote:
> [snip]

>>Well based on the number of licenses for Ingres, as a database rather
>>than embedded into another application, I wouldn't expect there are very
>>many people that need to remember how to spell it. Sort like remembering
>>how to spell Paradox, dBase, RBase, Advanced Revelations, etc.
>>I take it you criticized Jim's spelling because as we all well know ...
>>the problem he pointed out exists ... something even you acknowleded.

> The world is not quite so black and white. Jim was ignorant on this issue
> and the response was a rational, but speculative explanation that was
> entirely different from Jim's assumption. I too would doubt his exposure
> and expertise on the Ingres system or his capacity to make a balanced
> assessment between the two products.
> As with everything in IT, there are trade-offs. Oracle made its choices and
> therefore has some strengths at the expense of other areas, such as
> serializability, which is entirely rational. Ingres, an RDBMS whose roots
> served to provide the basis for many innovative features of all DBMS's
> today, including Oracle, used a different approach and has strengths and
> weaknesses. Nothing more or less.
> You should make assessments on the fundamentals of database technology in
> general and not be so bound up in technology for technology's sake, or a
> certain product. Saying something more assertatively or mustering a show of
> force doesn't make an assertion more true. If you don't know what you are
> talking about, sometimes its better just to be quiet.
> - Dan

>>Daniel Morgan

Nothing much to disagree with in what you wrote other than the fact that I am quite confident Jim has the experience indicated.

But exactly what is the value of serialization in a database as you see it? I go to great lengths to avoid it.

Daniel Morgan Received on Sat Jul 17 2004 - 23:18:08 CDT

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