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Re: Eliminating Combinatorial Relationship Multiplication

From: Joel Garry <>
Date: 8 Jul 2004 12:55:17 -0700
Message-ID: <>

"x" <> wrote in message news:<40eba4a3$>...
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> "Joel Garry" <> wrote in message
> > But check out eggy-weggies email, it's Jordanian. Not that that means
> > anything, I certainly am not in Tonga or oz as some of my web presence
> > may imply. But he says Sunnyvale, and Texas, and the registration is
> > on Queen Noor's... something. All-in-all, not a situation a rational
> > person would want to take advice or a product from. And wassup with
> > the 619 area code on the Sunnyvale provider, a cell?
> Exactly. It doesn't mean anything.
> If you want to pay him, then you may ask for a company address and
> warranties.

What I want is for him to stop spamming this group. How might that happen?

> > > Besides: What do you have against "guys from third-world countries" ?
> > There are matters of security, economics, legal liability and trust
> > involved.
> This matters are involved anyway.

They are more involved when third-world countries are mixed in. I deal with many issues daily, living near one. There is a huge cultural issue, too, especially having to do with dealing with government regulations and legalities.  

> > But besides that, rotten egg seems to have gone well into
> > net-psychoses, cyberstalking anyone who he perceives as attacking him,
> > which is pretty much anyone acknowledging his existence. Not a pretty
> > sight. DM has once again made a fast, correct call about a spammer.
> You could show him some compassion then.

My wife's job is to show compassion. But she doesn't post on usenet. In any unmoderated usenet group, there needs to be feedback and some consensus about what is appropriate for the group. This group has long taken a fairly strict no-spam stance, including creating an appropriate group for marketing. The reason for this stance comes from the experience of longtime posters who have seen groups get wiped out from not taking such a strict stance. Another aspect of this group is that it takes a critical view of postings - this is a good thing, dba work must be precise and correct or it is bad dba work.

I think more compassion could be shown newbies, directing them towards proper research and docs, as opposed to harsh criticism, but that's just me, and I try to convince others of that by example rather than argument. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work as well as DM's way with newbie spammers. net.kooks do not need compassion, in fact, that may be just the wrong thing to do, since any iota of possibility that what they are doing isn't wrong will be rationalized into justification.

> > As far as celko, I thought DM was suitably polite in explaining the
> > plug issue. It was a minor gaffe on celko's part, perfectly
> > understandable, DM didn't "break his balls." I would say DM should
> > have ignored it giving the crossposting, but he clearly is making an
> > effort to be fair and non-partisan when netcopping. My bias is
> > towards letting people plug their work amid a useful answer, but DM
> > has almost convinced me his way is better.
> Every newsgroup has his trolls :-)

I don't think DM has any trolls eggy-weggy, or x-false, or whomever you might be today.


-- is bogus.
"Eggy-wegs!  I'd like to crush 'em!" - Clockwork Orange
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