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Re: Oracle won't release locks - ever!

From: Leonard F Clark <>
Date: Sun, 04 Jul 2004 13:29:02 GMT
Message-ID: <>

On Sun, 04 Jul 2004 21:58:33 +1000, Noons <> wrote:

>Leonard F Clark apparently said,on my timestamp of 4/07/2004 2:02 AM:
>> I actually bounced because most of the locks are file locks and the
>> problem was caused by a rogue anti-virus application locking up the
>> machine: I was worried that OS file locks were preventing oracle from
>> preventing the indicated tasks (e.g. acquiring another extent)
>Relax, Leonard. Oracle will hold MANY locks while operating normally.
>MR locks as someone else explained are held as soon as it starts
>and stay that way until it stops. Nothing wrong with that.
>There are many, many locks that are held by Oracle at all times,
>that is the way it works and you should not worry about that.
>> Does anyone know why Oracle should hold a redo thread for over a week
>> when there are no other clients (no transactions) on the instance?
>Why not? It's supposed to hold a redo thread at ALL times.
>Otherwise redo won't work when you need it.
>> Does anyone know why Oracle would hold a Temporary Segment lock on the
>> same basis?
>As soon as you use a temp segment, the lock will be there. Nothing
>wrong with that.
>> Can anyone suggest a plausible explanation why all data files should
>> be held in Media Recovery for over a week (the offending process
>> lasted about 8 hours), and there be no aparant activity on the
>> instance?
>They are not held in media recovery, there is simply a MR lock on the
>files. There is a difference. The presence of a lock does not mean
>the operation of that lock is in progress.
>> And I can't resolve any of that until Monday. I *do* have access to
>> Metalink and I have researched the ORA-600 messages there (which point
>> straight back to these locks), but that access doesn't allow me to
>> raise a TAR.
>Your 600 error needs to go into Metalink. If you have access to
>their site, you can search the type of error there. If not, then
>just open a tar and be done with it. It most likely has nothing to do
>with the locks you observed.
>Nuno Souto


Thanks for the reply. Maybe it is just me panicing. (My excuse: I'm not really so comfortable on Windows and I'm sure I don't normally see these locks - but then maybe I haven't really locked for them before - what a thing to admit.)

No question about the 600 error but that'll have to wait till Monday.

Thanks for the reply and reassurances. I should follow the advice of the Book: don't panic!

Len Received on Sun Jul 04 2004 - 08:29:02 CDT

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