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Re: Benefits of RMAN

From: JEDIDIAH <jedi_at_nomad.mishnet>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 16:42:24 -0500
Message-ID: <slrnce3p42.dts.jedi@nomad.mishnet>

On 2004-06-26, Prem K Mehrotra <> wrote:
> (DB2 Convert) wrote in message news:<>...
>> Hi,
>> Really, if my database isn't big enough to deploy incremental backup, I don't
>> see the advantages of RMAN over the conventional ALTER TABLESPACE ... BACKUP BEGIN.
>> Advantages of RMAN are:
>> 1. Incremental where only modified data blocks will be copied
>> 2. Integrity check for the data block in case they are corrupted
>> 3. Can do parallelism instead of sequential
>> 4. ???
>> What else?
>> Anyone can list down more advantages of RMAN will really be appreciated.
>> Thanks
>> DB2 Convert
> Advantages of RAMN over alter tablespace begin backup ...
> RMAN keeps track of when backups were done, what flles were backed up
> etc.
> so when one goes to restore. RMAN will automatically figure out
> which backups to restore -full backups, incremental backups, archived
> logs etc. This RMAN automates the recovery process. Withour RMAN, a
> DBA will have to manually figure out which backups, archived logs etc
> to restore and then do the recovery,

You make it sound like brain surgery. It's really not that complicate. We all got along quite well before RMAN. Without incremental backups, there are only full backups. Of those, you need the most recent valid backup and any newer archive logs.

Enterprise backup systems are made for this sort of thing.


If you have some multi-terabyte monster that can't be efficiently managed using the old model, then RMAN makes considerably more sense. Otherwise, it adds complexity to a potentially very difficult scenario.

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