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Re: tough choices

From: Noons <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 21:47:49 +1000
Message-ID: <40dabf5f$0$18666$>

Rahul Kitchlu apparently said,on my timestamp of 24/06/2004 12:32 PM:

>>>Better yet: can I login to the external security AND the database
>>>as a member of group "USERS", get a SP to check who I am and what I
>>>want to do and then give my logon the db group "OZZIE" and its rights
>>>according to the contents of a config table?
>>GRANT can be embedded in an application program. Don't know for sure if
>>this can be done ... perhaps someone from Toronto knows.

> Authentication of external users is possible, you can even write your own
> user exits to acheive this.
> Authorization happens in the engine through grant statements. Yes you can
> embed grants in any application sql. Also, usually static sql coming from
> applications uses package level security.

There must be some confusion here. I said: "give my logon the db group and its rights". I didn't say: "create these rights on the fly". I'm assuming there is a set of rights associated with a group already. I'm also assuming my logon id has been included in two groups. And when I logon, I want to have one group as the default, then change it to another. Which effectively may change what I can look at.

> If there is still confusion.. think of it as this..

I am not at all confused. What I want is a reply that is SPECIFIC to the LUW UDB environment. Couldn't care less of what is available in others. This spurred from the fact that in the past I've had all sorts of suggestions of features to use that do not exist in all environments, but are still mentioned as if they applied across the board.

> DB2 on distributed platforms is UDB .. rest is Host DB2.. this again is not
> too far from what oracle does.. fyi.

Not really. I never noticed much of a difference between Oracle runtime environments in a multitude of OSs.

Nuno Souto
Received on Thu Jun 24 2004 - 06:47:49 CDT

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