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Re: tough choices

From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 13:40:43 -0700
Message-ID: <1087850468.524581@yasure>

Mark A wrote:

>>>Oh, I think 1,211.00 plus $311.00 per additional user is a lot less
>>>expensive than Oracle (even after any necessary extender is added on).

> And a
>>>lot less expensive than you thought.
>>If you do then answer this question ... how many "additional users" are
>>there on the World Wide Web?
>>If you were correct ... I'd think the written quote I have on my desk
>>would reflect it ... sad to say that is not the case. The difference
>>between the two quotes wouldn't buy me a week's worth a dinners at a
>>decent restaurant.
>>Daniel Morgan

> I think you missed the part where I explained that. There is a feature in
> DB2 which allows applications to share connections, so you can limit the
> number of simultaneous DB2 connections to 5 (5 are included in the
> $1,211.00) regardless of how many actual users are on the system connected
> to the application. In this situation, DB2 just reuses the same connection.

Everybody offers connection pooling. Oracle offers the same 5 user license for less ($149.00 per connected user for SE1 and $300 per connected user for SE).

You don't connect the WWW to a per-user license unless you are either crazy or in desparate need of legal counsel.

> Any users over the 5 licenses that come with the $1,211.00 (or whatever
> number of extra licenses that are purchased) would just wait for a running
> DB2 process to finish and then execute.

This is a web application. 'Wait' would equate to 'bankruptcy'.

> If you want an unlimited number of connections, then you can purchase the
> DB2 Workstation Server Edition Unlimited Edition, which charges on a CPU
> basis (I don't have pricing for that) rather than number of simultaneous DB2
> connections.
> So be careful and don't confuse the number of users connected to an
> application and the number of simultaneous DB2 connections needed.

The sales reps from IBM know all of this. So do I. So does the person from purchasing assigned to this. In the end the difference between the pricing ... Oracle vs DB2 ... was inconsequential.

Daniel Morgan
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Received on Mon Jun 21 2004 - 15:40:43 CDT

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