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Re: tough choices

From: Mark A <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 00:02:27 -0600
Message-ID: <xRuBc.39$>

> Lets assume, as that is the subject of this thread, that they need
> high security, range partitioning, high availability, and failover.
> All things one would get in Oracle's EE? Lets further assume they need
> an equivalent support agreement. Lets put both solutions on identical
> hardware ... say Intel P4s with 4CPU and 8GB RAM with a NetApp 910
> filer head and Linux EL AS 3 Update 2. And lets assume that the
> application requires full text searches of documents such as PDFs. In
> short ... the application I am pricing right now for a division of
> a very large aerospace company. Can I do better with DB2?
> If you think I can ... feel free to communicate that fact to a sales
> rep. Because that is not consistent with the quotes I've received.
> --
> Daniel Morgan

Since I am not an IBM marketing person, I cannot speak definitively on the configuration pricing.

However, for range partitioning (UNION ALL VIEWS) neither DB2 ESE nor Data Partitioning Feature is needed. DB2 Workgroup Server Edition (which includes 5 connections) or possibly the WSE Unlimited Edition (which charges for per processor instead of number of connections) will work very well with intra-partition parallelism using 4 CPU's on such a configuration.

The WSE can be deployed in Linux, UNIX, and Windows environments on systems with up to 4 CPU's.

Again, I am not an IBM employee, but a search of the IBM site reveals that DB2 UDB WORKGROUP SERVER EDITION SERVER LIC+SW MAINT 12 MO (D5B7FLL) for 5 users is $1,211.00 plus $311.00 per additional user.

Most middleware and web applications can be used in such a way that there a very large number of simultaneous users, but only a limited number of DB2 connections being used at a given time.

However, if an unlimited number of DB2 connections is necessary, an unlimited user license (Unlimited Edition) is available and the price is based on number of CPU's. I don't have the price of that.

If any of the following complimentary products are needed I believe there may be an extra charge.

Net Search Extender
DB2 Spatial Extender
Audio, Image, and Video Extenders
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