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Tom Bishop, Heartless former Oracle employee was Re: My Mother Died

From: <>
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 22:17:47 -0400
Message-ID: <40CB810B.12.5A7B9E@localhost>

Tom Bishop who went on a stage 4 painkilling binge wrote:

> "pandora", remarked:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > My mother passed away on Tuesday morning.
> Cool.
> I rejoice with you!
> We both wished for this blessed event.
> > I don't feel up to writing poetry
> > right now.
> You never could, so what is the sense you ever will?????
> Talentless troll.
> > Perhaps I will, later, or not.
> Don't. Go somewhere else and bother innocent people
> there.
> > At any rate, I just wanted to
> > let everyone know why I won't be around for awhile.
> Way cool, talentless troll. Please find something else
> to fuck up than this group.
> Thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> > I'll be trying to get
> > myself on an even keel.
> >
> > Hope to see you all again, sometime.
> Why not lay in the coffin with you mommie, talentless troll.
> Feel death in the cheap cotton-lined casket she will
> be buried in. Quite a pandora..
> Good riddence!!!!!!!!!!!!
> :-)

"I heard about the Israeli rocket attack on that old handicapped Hamas guy , and I'm
sure a lot of people had the same reaction I did: Whatever reason the army  had for
doing it, blowing up a guy in a wheelchair with a missile is unbelievably,  absolutely
fucking awesome!

Now, let me say this: I realize the guy was one of their big rebel leaders  over there,
or something, and I guess he called for the deaths of tons of innocent peo ple and
so on, and that was the excuse they needed to take the old guy out. But th at's not
the point. The point is they totally fucking launched a missile at the guy 's
wheelchair from a helicopter! That's some grade-A Bam Margera video-game s hit,
and I for one am fucking stoked that they did it. I don't know how much th at one
missile cost, but it was utterly and completely worth it to know that some  coot on
wheels got rocket-launched into the middle of next year.

This sort of thing needs to happen more often. The U.S. military would be a lot
more popular if they concentrated on pulling off cool-ass shit like this. And it
doesn't have to be just wars, right? I mean, we have a lot, I mean a lot, of folks in
wheelchairs all over the world. And sure, most of them are probably all-ri ght guys.
But people are people, so there's gotta be a whole lot of wheelchair-bound  people
that are total shits, too. I bet there are guys in wheelchairs who beat th eir women,
or maybe they got that way by drunk driving, or maybe they wheel around al l day
trying to diddle little kids. Face it, if someone's trying to do that shit , it's okay to fuck
them up as much as possible. Blowing their asses up with a missile would b e
pretty much perfect.

I like the part about getting them while they're leaving church, too. It's  when they'd
least be expecting it, being all contemplative and shit, and suddenly they 're like,
"Hey, do you hear a helicopter? Guys? Guys?" Then it's just pshoooo wham !
Blood and spokes everywhere!

God, that's cool just to think about. I guess it's probably pretty rare, t oo. Even if it
doesn't become standard procedure, it's awesome that it happened once. " Received on Sat Jun 12 2004 - 21:17:47 CDT

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