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Re: Listener Problem

From: Howard J. Rogers <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 10:42:07 +1000
Message-ID: <40cba2c7$0$21099$>

"John Wood" <> wrote in message news:ntLyc.12774$lN.12351_at_edtnps84...
> I have a Test Oracle Database Server, running on Win2000 Server.
> few weeks ago, I renamed the Window Computer Name. It worked fine and I
> managed to connect to the database from another PC.
> Last week, when I moved the Server to a different subnet in another
> building, I have trouble connecting to the database using Sqlplus from
> another PC. But I can connect to the database with Sqlplus on the same
> Server. But if I use OEM on the same Server, I have error on failing to
> connect to Listener. Wonder what may go wrong.
> Thanks.
> JW.

Check your listener.ora. It contains a machine name (or IP address) and that may now not be correct.
SQL Plus connects on the same machine frequently don't go via the listener, so you wouldn't notice the problem. But all remote connections do, so they would encounter the problem (however, "I have trouble" is not really a sufficient substitute for posting the precise error messages you receive when you attempt a connection).

Enterprise Manager is related to that, in as much as the Intelligent Agent liases with the listener.ora to get its key information. If the agent won't work, then OEM won't work. Therefore, get the listener.ora correct in all networking particulars; get the listener re-started once the listener.ora is amended; check you can connect via SQL Plus from a remote machine. Then, stop the agent if it's already running, find ORACLE_HOME\network\agent, and delete all *.q files. Also delete services.ora. Then re-start the agent. If the listener and agent are running correctly, then OEM and SQL Plus should not be a problem.

That said, you are aware, of course and I hope, that the local tnsnames.ora that each client has references a machine name or IP address, so that would need re-configuring on the client, too.

The number of posts of late where people have attempted to install Oracle on a laptop without a network, and then attach it to their network; or they install on one network and then transport the machine to another; or they install onto a machine with a DHCP-obtained IP address and then the lease expires... somewhere along the line, the message needs to get out that one installs Oracle onto a fixed-IP address machine, that is already part of the network it is intended to be a part of, with the hostname and domain name it is intended to have permanently thereafter, and every aspect of general networking needs to be in working order before one goes ahead and clicks 'Install'.

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