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Re: database market share 2003

From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 21:19:03 -0700
Message-ID: <1086927557.861975@yasure>

Serge Rielau wrote:

> Daniel,
> Let me assert to you that all the code I have written in all my 7 years
> for IBM DB2 UDB for Linux, Unix and Windows is single code-base and that
> single codebase scales from small single CPU systems (like my laptop),
> to SMP (like my development server), to clusters of either (like my
> development server cluster of a dozen machines) and across multiple
> operating systems (like Linux, Windows, Sun OS, HP, AIX) and hardware
> platforms (e.g x (linux, Windows), p (Linux and AIX), z (Linux) and
> i(Linux) Series, HP and Sun).
> IBM DB2 UDB for Linux, Unix and Windows has a special layer called OSS
> which deals with platform specific optimizations and APIs. Depending
> whom you ask this isolated layer is between 5%-10% of the codebase.
> Serge

And please let me asset to you that code I have written in my 35+ years, many of which were IBM DB2 on mainframes ... that code could not be moved, without modification, to a Windows or other platform. Even basic things like how many characters long is the name of a table would/could change.

Is that no longer true?

I find it hard to believe that anyone would assert that DB2 on OS/390 where it is shared-everything can be put onto a different operating system where the DB2 architecture is shared-nothing and think it will run as is. Please tell me if I am incorrect.

You see the one nice thing about some of DB2's competitors is that the code written is 100% compatible across operating systems ... not even requiring a recompilation.

Daniel Morgan
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Received on Thu Jun 10 2004 - 23:19:03 CDT

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