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Re: database market share 2003

From: Serge Rielau <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 22:22:49 -0400
Message-ID: <cab52b$o3e$>


Let me assert to you that all the code I have written in all my 7 years for IBM DB2 UDB for Linux, Unix and Windows is single code-base and that single codebase scales from small single CPU systems (like my laptop), to SMP (like my development server), to clusters of either (like my development server cluster of a dozen machines) and across multiple operating systems (like Linux, Windows, Sun OS, HP, AIX) and hardware platforms (e.g x (linux, Windows), p (Linux and AIX), z (Linux) and i(Linux) Series, HP and Sun).
IBM DB2 UDB for Linux, Unix and Windows has a special layer called OSS which deals with platform specific optimizations and APIs. Depending whom you ask this isolated layer is between 5%-10% of the codebase.

Given that I touch IBM DB2 UDB for Linux, Unix and Windows code 340 days a year for 7 years now I happen to know what I am talking about and you do not.

If you believe that any given company is doing misleading or false marketing then there are laws in many countries governing this which you can invoke.

However, there is no doubt that any single phrase one picks out of any document or source can and will be taken out of context. It is a base fact in life that this happens and anyone who ever played "Telephone" ("Stille Post" in my days) knows it's true. It results in equally smart and objective people comming to widely different conclusions. Nothing to be concerned about. And, let's face it, opinions may vary.

I can take a lot of pokes about DB2 and more often than not there are grains of truth in them (like wouldn't it be nice if all DB2 extenders were supported on all platforms, as Mark T. likes to rub in ever so gently).

What upsets me about your posts in particluar is that you seemingly purposely take things out of context and twist them around, you get corrected over and over and over again and yet you refuse to admit erratas. And that's where freedom of speech and healthy debate veers of into slander.

What I can't get is, how you don't seem to realize that you not only loose reputation in non Oracle newsgroups (you may not care), but also within your "home" Oracle group.
Any of your students, employers, customers and peers can google for these posts. Don't you care?


Serge Rielau
DB2 SQL Compiler Development
IBM Toronto Lab
Received on Thu Jun 10 2004 - 21:22:49 CDT

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