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Re: 9i New Features E-book

From: Howard J. Rogers <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 12:16:02 +1000
Message-ID: <40c7c44b$0$31674$>

"Igor Laletin" <> wrote in message
> "Howard J. Rogers" <> wrote in message
> > "Igor Laletin" <> wrote in message
> >
> >
> > So you are entitled to your opinion as to whether I am rude or not. What
> > are not entitled to do is make assumptions about "I bet you had problems
> > work". Especially when those assumptions are about as wrong as it is
> > possible to be.
> Fair enough. I guess I got carried away as well. Apologies for these
> wrong assumptions.

Yup. Fair enough. Thanks.

> I thought Oracle strictly regulated Oracle-related posts of its
> employees. Now I know they don't.

I wouldn't even go that far. I don't *know* what their policy is. All I know is, they never had one to which I was subjected. (Quite different, by the way, from their very well-established policies regarding websites, publications or books. Somehow, usenet didn't count as any of that, though I have no idea why).

> Appreciate your concern. It would be more practical though not to
> scatter warnings and bashing across many threads but have a dedicated
> one. You could refresh it on a monthly basis.

With respect, I didn't scatter it across many threads. I mentioned it in this one. And that was in response to someone asking 'there aren't any bad people in the Oracle community, are there'? But as I say, you're perfectly entitled to not like what's happened (I can't say I'm exactly overjoyed about it either), and I won't threaten to sue you for daring to disagree with me. :-)

> I mean the new threads appeared _as_a_result_ of this one:
> How about an Oracle debate?
> Don Burleson: The Index Rebuild Debate
> Don Burleson: The "Silver Bullet" debate
> Don Burleson: The Correct Default Buffer Cache Size

None of those are mine, though. Don started the first one. And Richard began the other 3, I think, in a perfectly reasonable attempt to pin Don down to hard and fast technical matters. But whatever: you can't hold poster A responsible for entirely different threads that pop up elsewhere initiated by posters B and C.

Can you mail me the business about /nolog. I didn't quite understand what you were saying here.

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