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Re: 9i New Features E-book

From: Igor Laletin <>
Date: 9 Jun 2004 19:03:40 -0700
Message-ID: <>

"Howard J. Rogers" <> wrote in message news:<40c6dcae$0$3038$>...
> "Igor Laletin" <> wrote in message
> So you are entitled to your opinion as to whether I am rude or not. What you
> are not entitled to do is make assumptions about "I bet you had problems at
> work". Especially when those assumptions are about as wrong as it is
> possible to be.

Fair enough. I guess I got carried away as well. Apologies for these wrong assumptions.

I thought Oracle strictly regulated Oracle-related posts of its employees. Now I know they don't.

> > Is it really necessary to use any opportunity to reiterate it?
> Yes, because a year ago it was just me. This year, it's someone else. Next
> year, who knows? As I say, I can only hope it isn't you or someone you
> actually care about.

Appreciate your concern. It would be more practical though not to scatter warnings and bashing across many threads but have a dedicated one. You could refresh it on a monthly basis.  

> >What started as a peaceful ad about
> > your new product is now an overemotional off-topic.
> Just review the thread again. There is no emotion from me. We have Don
> threatening to 'pay me a visit'. We have Don accusing me of being a 14 year
> old girl. When he's not claiming I don't exist at all. We have, on the other
> hand, me telling him how he can get in touch with my lawyers.

That's all mostly true. As I said before I'm not making excuses for Don but I was talking how it all started- "the guy hadn't even posted until you brought him in".  

> >And we have three more with challenges and "Helllooooooo".
> Sorry, you've lost me. Three more challenges?

I mean the new threads appeared _as_a_result_ of this one: How about an Oracle debate?

Don Burleson: The Index Rebuild Debate
Don Burleson: The "Silver Bullet" debate
Don Burleson: The Correct Default Buffer Cache Size 

> Perhaps because I am not Tom Kyte or Jonathan Lewis? The language they use
> is theirs. The language I use is mine. It is daft to want commonality on
> such matters.

Whatever. If set such a standard for youself, I guess you're all right then. As long as you don't swear in a public transport :)  

> My career is doing just fine, thank you very much. Any threat it faces are
> ... from people like you making totally speculative and unsubstantiated
> claims about how much trouble I must have gotten into with my employers
> because of what I post here.

Again fair enough. Your career is not of my consern, should've brought it in. Already apologised for the wrong assumptions.

Finally read the first two pages from your document (don't you think all these wars are too distractive?). Just one very minor note - of course you can't use
sqlplus <<EOF
connect sys/password as sysdba

because the interactive dialog gets the first one or two lines as its input. Just remove 'connect' and you're in. It's in a lot of older scripts because afair /nolog appeared in O8. Better to use /nolog of course.

Igor Received on Wed Jun 09 2004 - 21:03:40 CDT

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