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Re: 9i New Features E-book

From: Noons <>
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 20:55:47 +1000
Message-ID: <40c6ecaf$0$1584$>

Igor Laletin allegedly said,on my timestamp of 9/06/2004 6:35 PM:

> Usually I wouldn't bother to comment, much prefer Noon's position of
> non-involvement into the local wars but ...

Just a coupla notes and some comments, Igor. If I may.

1- My position of non-involvement stems ONLY from the fact that I am very much into "family" mode and just do not have the time to dedicate to these things. Had you known me around the Compuserve days you'd have found Howard is actually quite a tame fellow! I think Joel might recall some of the bunfights there, ask him... Was I not a very busy parent there would be a lot more going on here. About a great many matters.

2- I have quite a bit of contact with local Oracle, the user groups, the education groups, etc. Howard was NEVER pointed out to me as a troublemaker, or someone who would through his tone cause problems to his employer. Far from it.

There was a period when the local UG was in the "hands" of a certain international group. During that period, the UG engaged in all sorts of "ignore such and such a person" and other downright slanderous campaigns. Some were quite damaging and a climate of "thou shalt not upset the applecart" gradually set in the Oracle community in Australia.

That is now starting to go and I personally welcome and thank the efforts of many Oakies in helping me and many others to stop this aberration. But let me re-iterate: I have never heard anything but praise for Howard, and boy do I know his former employers!

Now: some may consider his replies tough. Fair enough it's a personal thing. I don't, although we may have our arguments. However no one can claim he's not fair. The same cannot be said for many others who claim "guru" status. Personally I prefer Howard's style: at least I know up-front who and what I'm dealing with and there are no phone calls or emails behind my back to worry about. Ever. I can live with that.

So I say: let him write as he wishes and reply here for as long as he cares to. It's about time this group gets a better rap than it has had for a long time. It's people like Howard that encourage others to come here for information, arguments, discussion, etcetc.

This is what a newsgroup should be for and the main reason why I stay in it, at least until I get some free time. And for the occasional anti-IBM, anti-M$, anti-J2EE and anti-bad design crusades, of course. After all, this is the Usenet and there IS a tradition to uphold. :)

Nuno Souto
Received on Wed Jun 09 2004 - 05:55:47 CDT

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