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Re: 9i New Features E-book

From: Igor Laletin <>
Date: 9 Jun 2004 01:35:36 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Hi Howard,

Thank you for the reply, I've seen it. No, there is nothing wrong with your ISP in this case. The email address associated with my Google account used to be a valid one but some time ago I moved on. I didn't fix it on purpose. I don't really want to be contacted via email in regard of postings I may submit to the newsgroups. Also I get enough spam even without publishing my email on the Internet.

If you don't mind I'll take this opportunity to give you my extended opinion on this thread. It doesn't deserve to exist. Feel free to click on delete right now :)

I can't say I follow cdos closely but I do read it from time to time for the last few years. When I can reach it I usually browse through the first page. Some sites, I work on, block access to Google groups and in the evening I don't feel like approaching a computer again.

Anyway, I want to say that you are usually correct in your postings. Of course I've seen just a fraction of them - you're way too prolific for me :) - but I'm pretty sure your other posts are the same. Obviously you know what and why, you invest your time, research and measure. And this is the right way of doing it.

Still when I read your postings a few years ago the first reaction was not necessarily 'correct' but sometimes more like various degrees of 'rude'. Want you or not, employee's postings in public forums _always_ reflect on the companies they work for. Especially if a forum is about company's products. You were with Oracle and I bet you must have had problems at work because of the words you put in. Not what you said but how. Now I guess it reflects on Dizwell.

I was back from behind of the firewall a few months ago and was surprised to see your style changed for the better. Then I hit this thread and also read two more mentioned here. I never read anything from Don before so I visited his website and quickly was sick of the overtop self-promotion. Nothing's wrong really with the promotion, after all he sells his services and must advertise himself, but just a bit too much for me. Then I visited yours and chuckled at "one of the world's" punch (so much for the guy with distaste for "self-proclaimed" experts). I am glad you see it the same way.

BTW I remember visiting your old site long ago and visually it sucked ("handicapped in visual department"). The new one looks good. Of course feels _you_ are this enterprise whatever you write about shareholders. Nothing wrong, even better in some respects.

Back to the thread. You already published a year ago Mr.Burleson's email so people knew what it was like. Is it really necessary to use any opportunity to reiterate it? What started as a peaceful ad about your new product is now an overemotional off-topic. And we have three more with challenges and "Helllooooooo". Rather childish I would say. I remember you intended to pick on him every time but the guy hadn't even posted until you brought him in. If only he stayed this way.

In the beginning of it all, in his an year-old email he complained about blanket "gibberish" and "fraud" you branded him with, not that you proved him wrong. He took it as an insult and it seems fair enough. Again "how", not "what". Of course some of his answers read the same way but is it really an excuse for the language you demonstrated back then? I don't remember anything like that from Tom Kyte or, say, Jonathan Lewis.

You're on crusade? Fine. Correct him when he writes wrong. Politely. I am dumn sure it would be much better for all, especially for you and your career.

My understanding is you're building one in Oracle education. Newsgroup, publishing on the website, maybe there is a book in pipeline, maybe seminars. How about selling pdf's like Sybex? Say, some free for download, others for fee - an honest business. Excellent, you definitely can do it all and do it well. Just don't let yourself get carried away.

Usually I wouldn't bother to comment, much prefer Noon's position of non-involvement into the local wars but ...

For what it worth.

Igor Laletin

P.S. Wanted an opinion on monitoring of index usage the other day and came across another thread. Can swear the guy didn't mean to pickup a fight as you said.

"Howard J. Rogers" <> wrote in message news:<40c58239$0$31676$>...
> I tried replying to Igor by mail at the address shown, but it comes back as
> address unknown, though I suppose it may have gotten through despite that
> (ISP playing up again, etc). So I'll post it here just in case.
> Hi Igor,
> Thank you for your post on the newsgroup. You will see my reply in which I
> disagree with you regarding the merit of the thread, but that's fair enough.
> I actually just wanted to write to thank you for drawing to my attention
> what the Dizwell website says about me. Although I set the first Dizwell
> business up as a sole trader affair, Dizwell became a shareholder-owned plc
> in April of this year. So it's not actually my company. And that's a
> long-winded way of saying, it's not actually "my" website, either... though
> obviously I have a large input to its technical content. Marketing stuff I
> leave to others, however. Therefore, the comment you quoted about being the
> 'world's leading trainer' is not one I would have made about myself; it's
> not one I *have* made about myself; and it's not one I *want* made about
> myself. I have had a word with the relevant people, and that puffery will be
> disappearing at the next site update, about the 15th of the month.
> So thanks once again
> Regards
> ----------
> I should have said "educator" not trainer, of course. And I should have said
> "relevant person" not "relevant people". We're not quite that big yet. But
> otherwise...
> Regards
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