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Re: OMLETv4 The Ultimate Visual Real Time Oracle Monitoring Tool

From: omlet v4 <>
Date: 8 Jun 2004 14:22:30 -0700
Message-ID: <>

"Howard J. Rogers" <> wrote in message news:<40c43160$0$31674$>...
> "omlet v4" <> wrote in message
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> > Check his e-book: no refs at all!
> Out of interest, what references would you have me make?
> Regards
At least ref Anjun Kulk, Steve Adams, Jonathan Klein, Steve Klein, Jim Gray, Dave Lomet....etc. I offer my apologies as their their names are their trademarks.

Do you know what's the irony! I always thought your book is quite GOOD

really a wealth of information. At least, better than recent books
bestsellers such as Gaja's book 101 on tuning and "tuning without hit
ratios" crab. Did I forget to mention that formentioned MORON was my
boss at some point?!

Now back to OMLET. OMLET is a pretty snapshot of Oracle Health with 48
built-in queries (prepared statements with a separate thread for each
-- and control for the user to specify thread sleep). Everything else
is customizable -- you plug your queries where ever you choose; there
are listeners on every object on the main screen -- you simply right
click to get a list of relevant stats (only relevant stats for that
object). Results are Java J-tables that are contineously updated --
have their own threads -- also fully customisable with 3D charting. 
Dynamic charts are accumulative or differential.

Now you want response times, waits or system events -- they are all
there on the flow arrows between objects -- fully customizable too. Do
you want to implement the YAHJRTM "Yet Another HJR Tuning Method"? you
can; probably in less than 30 minutes.

Or you shell $15000 on expensive tools (i.e. Spotlight) that other
proclaimed experts wrote and BANG your instance with it.

The queries are left to "expert like yourself". In fact I am writing a
new tool to convert the SNAIL-Query-language -- Apardon Me DOC -- to
JAVA which should be ready in the next few months and would be
embedded in OMLET 4.1 user defined query menu.

Actually the queries, the options , the params are all provided by the
DBMS engineers and DBA's of the largest IT arm of a major airline
company (150 DBAs handling more than 350 mission critical instances).
Why do think OMLET's address is in Arlington?!
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