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Re: How about an Oracle debate?

From: Joel Garry <>
Date: 8 Jun 2004 11:23:12 -0700
Message-ID: <> (Don Burleson) wrote in message news:<>...
> Hello Glen,
> > I've never been to OOW yet, but I'd go if this event was a "go"!
> Yes, I'm getting lots of interest in a face-to-face debate.
> However, I've been informed that there may be a problem that I did not
> consider, that these names don't correspond with "real" people.
> It turns out that I cannot verify that Nuno Souto, Richard Foote or
> Howard J. Rogers actually exist. No resumes with verifiable details,
> no photographs of any of them.
> It's so easy to create anonymous accounts that I guess you never
> really know who you are talking with. Heck, you don't even know
> for-sure who I am.
> I just got an e-mail suggesting that Howard J. Rogers is really a 14
> year-old girl, but I have no way to prove it, one way or the other. .
> . .

THE THREE STOOGES VERSUS GODZILLA, MOTHRA AND REPTILICUS [Scene: immense hall will millions of identically dressed chinese people.
On stage 3 stooges are arguing, with a translator following along displaying ideographs on large screen behind stage. English translation of large screen in subtitles on bottom of frame.]

Moe: Waddaya mean, you forgot the ratio scripts? Larry: Well Moe, you said to bring the laptops, so I got those dancers from last night!
[Stock shot of oriental cathouse girls on large screen] [translation says "Honorable programming team increases productivity through teamwork."]
Moe: You knuclehead! Now we'll have to buy OEM options and setup another database! And we only have a warchalked 80211b/g connection! [Moe moves to hit Larry with Playstation, Larry ducks and Curly gets bonked in the nose.]
Curly: Hey! I was almost through Blood Lust 6! Larry: [Sits down, defeated, with hands on face] NLS again! Moe: Aw, just hook up Curly for the antenna. [Larry and Moe hook wires up to Curly, who lights up and has gran mal seizure.]
[Large screen shows graph with "sqlserver transactions" S-curve levelling off and asymptotic line labelled "Oracle transactions".] [translation: "We will defeat warmongering Capitalist pigdog hegemony through a grand alliance with most honorable worm programmers!"] [Stock scene of immense hall cheering. Stooges bow, hitting each others heads.]
[Stock scene of crowded oriental city. Superimposed picture of Buckwheat with large boombox strutting along, playing OOW theme song. Cut to scenes of Godzilla holding head and moaning in pain, Mothra flying in random patterns, and upset looking Reptilicus swimming up from bottom of ocean.]
[Cut to stooges having difficulty getting into rickshaw. Buckwheat walks by, Curly drops to ground and starts spinning around when he hears the music.
Curly gets up, runs into crowd leaving great hall, knocking them over like dominoes. Curly runs back to rickshaw.] Moe: You idiot! Those are our subcontractors! Curly: Sorry Moe! I don't know what happened. [Stooges beat on each other.]
Larry: Wait! What's that?
[Face shot of Buckwheat mouthing O.]
[Mothra starts flapping wings, stock shots of cyclone. Stooges get swept up and fly through the air waving arms.] Curly: Woowoowoo!
[Stock shots of Godzilla rampaging through city. Squishing sound as Godzilla stomps on stooges.]
Reptilicus: Hey guys, leave some for me! Shemp: Tell me about it.
[Theme song.]

The monsters have to be real, I've seen pictures of them.


-- is bogus.
Talk about credibility gap:
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