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Don Burleson: The "Silver Bullet" debate

From: Richard Foote <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2004 13:17:41 GMT
Message-ID: <V%ixc.365$>

OK Don, technical issue number 2.

In the "How to Calibrate the CBO" thread dated Feb this year, your  "infamous" Silver bullet article was debated ( =1) At the time I stated that the article was truly awful and provided a very comprehensive explanation of why I thought as much, listing a whole range of errors and inaccuracies. I also stated why regarding parameters such as the optimizer_index_cost_adj as "Silver Bullets" was entirely wrong.

So Don, again, please explain why my summation was incorrect. I won't repeat it all, like I said it was very comprehensive and it's all there in the archives. Please have a read and explain why my technical review was incorrect and you were right all along. Please go through and correct me Don, why is my analysis of your appalling article so wrong.

However, to be fair, you might want to base at least some of your defence on the *original* article, the one you wrote and published at the time of my review, not the one that you subsequently *rewrote*, even going so far as to remove the "Silver Bullet" reference from the title. Ummm, it does rather suggest that I might just have been onto something there, don't you Don ?

BTW, what motivated you to make all those changes Don ? There's no acknowledgements there, did you come up with those changes all by yourself ? Re-read did you Don and thought to yourself, "Shit, that's not right. Neither is that. Don't like the title now, might change that. Hey, there are more stuff ups, and there, and there too ..." !! A remarkable coincidence don't you think ?

I've selected these two examples of yours Don because they're the ones that your dear buddy Mike Ault jumped up and down about, complaining about how unfair I was and making wild accusations about my motives in the process. Hopefully, you might be a little more "successful" than poor Mike in debating the *technical* issues. Well here is your chance Don, finally, to debate these "unfair" criticisms of your work for yourself. You of course had the opportunity all along, but now that you appear to be in the mood for a debate, let's go for it Don.

Finally, a clear and direct opportunity for you to provide some *technical* input here, rather than all the nonsense you've posted. Please show to us all what an "Oracle Guru" you really are and provide a technical defence of these criticisms of your writings. Don, please show us that you're actually capable of engaging in a civil, technical debate.

We can but hope.

Cheddar or Camembert ?

Richard Received on Tue Jun 08 2004 - 08:17:41 CDT

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