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Re: How about an Oracle debate?

From: Richard Foote <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2004 12:33:29 GMT
Message-ID: <tmixc.283$>

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"Don Burleson" <> wrote in message
> IMHO, these long-winded threads often cloud the real Oracle technical
> issues. While the insults are fun to read, the reality is that less
> than 1% of Oracle professionals read this forum anymore, for reasons
> that are all-too evident. Let's get the message to a wider audience.

Don, the reason why the technical issues are clouded is because, despite repeated attempts, you refuse to engage in a technical debate. It's really that simple. Name one constructive, technically based comment you've made here in past few months. Just one.

And you what this type of crap to go out to a wider audience. Good grief !!

> Since many people in this forum have very strong opinions about the
> Oracle technology perspectives, I would like to propose a debate
> between those with the most conflicting opinions.
> - Team one: Richard Foote, Howard J. Rogers and Nuno Souto
> - Team two: Mike Ault, Rich Niemiec and Don Burleson
> This would be a live one-hour public debate, moderated by an
> independent sponsor such as SearchOracle, IOUG or DBAZine. I can
> arrange a room at Oracle Openworld in San Francisco, and it could be a
> big "hit"!
> We would film it, and the sponsor will then create a one-hour Webinar
> for distribution worldwide. I'm thinking of a title like "The Great
> Oracle Debate - Clash of the Titans".

Don, so you now also consider yourself a "Titan" do you ? Only you Don would have such a high opinion of yourself, only you ...

> We could discuss Index Internals, why Burleson & Niemiec give poor
> advice, or any other topics you like. . . No holes barred, it would
> have all of the insults as these message threads. People just love
> conflict, especially when it is passionate. Something like the Jerry
> Springer show, for Oracle people . . .

Jerry Springer eh. This highlights exactly what you want from all this. To distract attention and turn what should be rational technical debates into a circus. To be involved in any "Jerry Springer" type show/debate would be simply abhorrent to me. My God, can you imagine the poor buggers out there having to endure this level of technical debate. If your postings here an example of what to expect from any such debate, I don't think I could ever live down the embarrassment.

Still, I have a little test for you coming up that might throw some light on all this ...

> It would be great fun, and educational too.

It might be fun for you and maybe for those like you that enjoy watching Jerry Springer but not for those that have a certain level integrity. As for educational, unfortunately, I doubt that as well. I mean, what have we learnt from you these past few days. Well, quite a bit actually, but nothing from a technical point of view...

> I'm sure that I could arrange for the sponsor to buy Nuno, HJR and
> Foote a round-trip ticket to SF, and cover their hotel and meal
> expenses, so costs will not be an issue.
> I'm sure that Ault and Niemiec will be on-board, so I await a response
> for Nuno, Howard and Richard. . .

Don't you think it a little irrational and somewhat inappropriate that you would make such a suggestion with those that you are threatening with legal proceedings? Don't you think it a little inappropriate to make bullying and intimidating "face-to-face" threats and then challenge someone to a face-to-face debate ? I certainly do.

I tell you what. If it's an open, technical debate you want, if you think I and others have been unfair and incorrect in *any* technical assessments of your writings, let's put you to the test Don. I'll post a couple of the more recent "issues" that have been debated here recently regarding your writings in new, separate threads and I challenge you to openly, freely and above all technically debate and defend why such criticisms have been unwarranted.

Don, I've made this offer in the past, I make this offer yet again. Don, prove to us that you are indeed capable of conducting a civil, open, meaningful and above all technically based debate. Don, please explain why previous criticisms of your writings have been so unfair and so unjustified.

This is your chance Don to prove to everyone that you actually know what you talk about. Before we concern ourselves with "The Clash Of The Titians", let's be sure beforehand that we're not dealing here with a mouse ...

Dare ya.

Richard Received on Tue Jun 08 2004 - 07:33:29 CDT

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