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Re: 9i New Features E-book

From: Noons <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2004 00:58:43 +1000
Message-ID: <40c482a2$0$3036$>

Don Burleson allegedly said,on my timestamp of 7/06/2004 11:43 PM:

> A real professional does NOT hide behind anonymity, tossing malicous
> crap and then crawling back into the safety of cyberspace.

The only one who may have in the past hidden behind anonymous personas is you, Don. Everyone else involved in this newsgroup uses REAL names with real, verifiable e-mails. They may not be ones you can trace easily to their employers for any "backdoor attacks", but they are nevertheless real.

> Only an inept, unprofessional coward would run-away from the chance to
> engage in a face-to-face debate.

The only one running away is you, Don. This is a newsgroup, not a clash of "overweight, middle-aged cousins". You are most welcome to post on topic and make your points using technical arguments. In fact, you have been repeatedly invited to do so. Please stay, enjoy the surrounds. You WILL like the place, it's refreshing: people here are encouraged to have an independent opinion and exercise their brains. It's amazing what that does for true knowledge.

> You anonymous trolls are the ones who should be embarassed.

I repeat: there is NOTHING anonymous about Richard, Howard or pretty much anyone else here.

Geo and a few other trolls we've had, who openly professed their unqualified and unconditional admiration to every pearl of wisdom from your stable, were exceptions. Nothing wrong with that admiration either: THEIR choice. You see, this place really is for EVERYONE.

> BTW, I heard some real gems about you and HJR from the Oz folks at
> IOUG, and trust me, I'm not the only one who thinks that you are
> unprofessional. . .

Oh please: don't start the IOUG innuendo of your "inner circle". Richard and Howard do not frequent the Oz OUG. I do and I know their current positions in these matters: what you just said is a blatant, open lie. And quite frankly a public insult to the professionalism of the current AUSOUG management. The time is gone when you could make that sort of false claim and get your local "mafia" to pass a blanket approval on it. Thank God for that.

You may disagree with Richard and Howard's technical argumentation. Fine, your right. But please: keep the ad-homine and character attacks for one of your private lists where people might enjoy that sort of rubbish.

This is the Usenet: NO ONE died and gave you or anyone else the God given right to denigrate others. If you think someone is wrong, then post why and refute it with sensible arguments. THEN you can engage in personal attacks: after all the Usenet has a loonie reputation to be respected, no? :)

Here is a hint: get some technical arguments behind your vague claims. Sound, solid arguments. No one has anything against you posting a technical refutation in reply to anyone here. In fact, I'm quite sure EVERYONE would like to hear it. You are as entitled to post here as ANYONE else: this is not one of those oh-so-convenient "moderated" lists.

However: be prepared to have anything you say questioned if someone considers it should be. There is no ex-cathedra here. We ALL are exposed to that, you will be no exception. It's a challenge, believe me. That is: if you value what you say. You are of course welcome to post ANYTHING and ignore the challenges. Again: this is the Usenet, not a private "club".

Vague threats, social engineering bullshit and empty demagogy may be very impressive in other circles you frequent but produce nothing for your credibility here. In sum: no one cares.

Having seen your style over the years, on and offline, I suspect that will be beyond you. Please prove me wrong, it would be greatly welcome and would certainly restore my faith in "long-time Oracle experts".

BTW: don't try the other crap with me. You know what I'm talking about. Don't bother poking around the IP either: it's got a firewall that you cannot bypass, it IS logged and I DO check logs. And yes, it is an Optus cable IP. Like I said: nothing to hide. Cheers
Nuno Souto Received on Mon Jun 07 2004 - 09:58:43 CDT

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