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Re: The Pumpkinification of Volker

From: Joel Garry <>
Date: 1 Jun 2004 17:25:46 -0700
Message-ID: <> (Quirk) wrote in message news:<>...
> What the hell is this Drivel? I can't believe this asswipe still wants
> to keep this thread alive.
> (Joel Garry) wrote in message news:<>...
> > LOL Bedtime for Quirko!
> Figures from your stupidity you're a fan of Ronald Regean. It's rather
> sad that after that tongue mishap of yours you were unable to shout
> "where's the rest of me!" you've been waiting your whole life to use
> that line.

More of a fan of Al Franken, actually.

> By the way, Jim Nabors want his underwear back, you sick freak!

No, that was Bob Crane.

> > > You'll have to forgive Joel, usenet is all he has after he lost his
> > > tongue in a tragic mishap, He's so UGLY, his proctologist stuck his
> > > finger in his mouth instead of his ass and mistook his tongue for a
> > > hemorrhoid.
> > She's so ugly, she even has to get her vibrator drunk.
> Good Job Joel, you passed lesson 1: cutting and pasting! One day
> perhaps you can try thinking for yourself like the rest of us.

Admit it, you read them all. (I didn't, 'cause I cut and pasted. But I didn't see my favorite one, which is 'Quirk is black and blue all over from being poked with eleven foot poles.' And strangel enough, I posted that other 11 foot pole joke before I even saw your silly hemorrhoid post. But now it should be 11 foot piles.)

> But your mom doesn't appreciate you spreading these messages about her
> even more widely than your dad did. Don't you think the poor woman has
> suffered enough?
> > > > You seem to be missing that Oracle Application Server comes with the
> > > > built-in ability to use small format browser clients (the "wireless"
> > > > option).
> > >
> > > In your desperation to find a comment to make, you didn't notice he
> > > was talking about COMPILING the server on his cellphone.
> >
> > In your desperation to flame him, you didn't notice that wasn't
> > exactly what he said.
> Volker said: "if I were to compile mysql to, let's pick
> a platform at random, my new cellphone, I'd have to do a bit
> more than ./configure&&make install, right?"

Ah, here is where you don't understand. What is lost in the world you desire is the ability to have subsets of software and data distributed about. Software that scales properly allows both a subset to work on small format devices and large sets of binary data on large devices. Hate to tell you this, but it would be very difficult to store, say, the Ring movies in human readable format. And yet, not much of a problem to put it in an oracle database, and with new phones coming out, watch them on the phone. And if you want to argue a movie studio library is not valuable corporate data that one would want to distribute electronically, well, there may be a future for you in stonemasonry.

It's a stretch, but part of the server is on the phone. Not something I expect to see out of mysql any time soon as something I can just go out and buy.

> Ask the guy drooling on himself beside you what that means.

What does that mean?


-- is bogus.
"Strange thing about nouns. They are all something. I think it is the
way of
nouns." - hjr
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