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Re: what loading can i expect from adding oracle?

From: Joel Garry <>
Date: 26 May 2004 16:48:16 -0700
Message-ID: <> (Jay G. Scott) wrote in message news:<c9075n$>...
> Solaris 9, sparc.
> I have oracle installed, and it's reasonably happy. I'm told
> the use is about to go a lot higher.
> I think I have plenty of CPU and enough memory. I know how to
> watch for disk bottlenecks.
> I don't know how to monitor things like semaphores, shared
> memory, message queues. Is there something I can do there?
> Does Oracle even use them?

As the sysadmin, you should have made some recommended kernel adjustments. If oracle is "happy" that is as much as you can do there, aside from become familiar with ipcs output to see if things get grossly out of whack (possible in earlier versions with instance crashes, don't know if it is still true with S9 & O9i).

> Oracle
> Infrastructure
> App Server
> I'm a sysadmin, not a DBA. I won't be asked to look at oracle
> proper.

Well, that's a good thing, as I think Connor's advice, while good, applies to the DBA. You do have a DBA, right?

> Seems to me that until something starts to happen, ie, until I
> see a bottleneck, I won't be able to predict the bottleneck.
> I don't have any input on whether the coming oracle load will
> have any particular behavior, and if it did, it would only
> be someone else's prediction. This whole thing is new to
> everybody -- we've never had a previous system. Perhaps
> the user base won't even be interested in it....
> Comments?

It's pretty much all reactive once you get past getting it set up. There are some DBA tasks that will make a big difference, so it is important that whoever set it up knew what they were doing, and it varies depending on how the system is to be used (ie, which App Server components are going to be there). Since there is a successful 9204 installed, someone must have have tweaked some things - was it just someone following instructions, a consultant, a vendor, a student?

I don't think you got the versions right on the infrastructure or app server.
902 or 903 would 9iASR2 and 904 would be OAS10g. It makes a big difference for where you put the database objects for the App Server. There is likely to be a lot of communication going on between the various tiers, is there a reason you put them all on one box?

I assume as a sysadmin you are familiar with stuff like and ?


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