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Re: Hot Backup and Recovery - When to switch log files.

From: Joel Garry <>
Date: 14 May 2004 14:24:01 -0700
Message-ID: <>

"Howard J. Rogers" <> wrote in message news:<40a4692d$0$8988$>...
> Paul Drake wrote:
> > Howard,
> >
> > way off topic and not central to this thread, but ... in newer
> > versions where oracle can add a datafile to a tablespace in the
> > db_file_create_dest at will, do you want to count on a backup
> > controlfile from 400 days ago?
> Er, of course not. Firstly, OMF is the invention of the devil, and I

Bill Gates is inventing for Oracle? :-)

> I can't tell whether there's irony there or not. Backup and recovery is
> *infinitely* more important than clustering factors (as the clustering
> factor paper points out!). Which is why 'shrug the should' can't do any
> harm backup stuff is worrying to me.
> > myths are worth busting, even if egos are bruised in the process.
> > I would expect nothing less from you, I think that you've only blasted
> > me once before.
> That wasn't a blast at *you*. That was a blast at the guy who says
> 'rebuild all indexes because I've got nothing better to do and it
> doesn't do any harm' as well as the guy who says 'I'd throw in a log
> switch there because even if it's not needed, it can't do any harm'.

I kind of got the idea that was why 9i added the extra log switch. As well, I'm not convinced anyone undestands why it takes so long, for no apparent reason, to update v$archived_log sometimes. If you can't _consistently_ replicate it or understand why it happens, you can't fix it, but that doesn't mean you can ignore it. There have been a number of bugs filed with RMAN about log switch issues, that's for sure. Perhaps some of the problems arise from the OS not being entirely truthful towards Oracle about what is happening with files. sync;sync;sync and all that.

> It was, in short, a blast at anyone who seems to casually accept not
> knowing, but manifests a touching faith in it all being OK in the end
> anyway.

Yeah, I feel that way too, but among a "highly productive" workforce, understanding often takes a back seat to getting it done.


-- is bogus.
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