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8.1.6 and MS04-011 (KB835732) -- Database won't start ---> SOLUTIONS...

From: Yves J. <>
Date: 14 May 2004 07:21:07 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Microsoft has published a Support Bulletin about MS Security Update MS04-011 conflicting with the automatic startup of Oracle databases version 8.1.6. at

See also the following Oracle Metalink Support Notes:

620554.995	Re : ORADIM never finnishes on startup
514691.996	Re : MGPSVC.exe fails with Error 1067

Here are the different solutions:

1/ I found some indications that applying the highest Oracle patch ( then Oracle patch

   1963261 (see Oracle note 620554.995) might work.    These indications came late in the game for us, and I did not have a chance to verify this.

2/ Uninstall the specific update KB835732: (I'm sure you already knew this)

   from Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Windows components > KB835732 > Remove

   We decided against this because of corporate policies, and the Sasser infection made an

   even more compelling case of "not going without proper protection"!  

3/ Upgrade database to 8.1.7 or 9.2

   8.1.7 is still supported (in the US) until the end of the year 2004.

   Oracle Support did not try hard to help because 8.1.6 has been unsupported for 2 years.

   Upgrading to 9.2 is our long term choice.

4/ Start the database manually.

   Even though Services report OracleServiceSID as "starting", the service is properly started,

   but the instance is not.
   Use SVRMGRL or SQLPLUS (as SYSDBA) to start the DB manually, or automatically like below.

   This is our short term choice.

   Here are the instructions I sent to my plant DBA's

a- On the server, make the startup type of the Oracle Service MANUAL - Open a DOS box and run:

   oradim –edit –sid MySID –startmode manual (replace "MySID" with your own value)

   Do not shortcut and change the startup type from the Services GUI. It won't work properly!

b- Save the following script at the root of the C: drive, and name it start_db.bat

   On line 2, substitute the SID and the password for your SYSDBA account

   If Windows authentication is used (more secure), "/@MySID as sysdba" will suffice

   Also change the PFILE referenced on line 3 to point to the correct location

   @echo off
(set sql=sqlplus -s "sys/sysPassword_at_MySID as sysdba") &REM --
must be SYSDBA

(set pfile=C:\Oracle\admin\MySID\pfile\initMySID.ora) &REM --
Location init.ora

   if not "%1"=="" (echo select * from session_privs where privilege like 'SYS%%';|%sql%)&goto:EOF

   ping localhost -n 16 -w 1000 >nul & oradim -startup -sid laborsys -starttype srvc

   ping localhost -n 16 -w 1000 >nul & echo startup pfile=%pfile%|%sql%

c- Test the connection privileges: (1) open a DOS box, (2) run "CD\", and (3) run "start_db test"

   If successful, test will list the privileges for the session, and SYSDBA should be 1 of them

   If it fails, it will report "ORACLE not available" or similar    This test is harmless, and can be run while in production.

d- Go to Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks, and double-click "Add Scheduled Task"

   Browse to the start_db.bat file saved in step (b-), and click "Open"

   Select scheduling option "When my computer starts"    Enter the local administrator credentials (or an Oracle DBA account) when prompted

   Reboot - The database should start fine now    To check if the database is up, you can rerun the test in step (c-) Received on Fri May 14 2004 - 09:21:07 CDT

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