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Re: W2000 connect / as sysdba problem

From: Andrew <>
Date: 30 Apr 2004 20:03:18 -0700
Message-ID: <>

What you saying is correct. But if I were able to formulate my question as you did for me below I wouldn't ask it at all. Simply because as all is running on the same laptop (oracle instance and connection to it) I wasn't able to associate my problem with the fact that I am not connected to domain...

I think if oracle is configured to use OS authentication it should always allow privileged connection to local instance (whether OS connected to domain or not). Simply because I am allowed to log in to OS so Oracle should obey this fact. If you allowed to drive the car you should be allowed to steer it :)

"Howard J. Rogers" <> wrote in message news:<4092d978$0$12033$>...

> Had you originally posted an accurate description of what you were
> doing, I think we might have resolved the matter rather quicker than we
> did, don't you?
> "I am trying to connect from a laptop client as a privileged user to a
> database stored on a server , using my domain account, which has been
> made a member of the ORA_DBA account on the server. My client isn't
> actually connected to the network, and hence the domain, at the time I
> make the connection attempt. It doesn't work. Why?"
> To which the answer would have come straight back: how is Oracle
> supposed to check domain account membership of a group when you're not
> actually connected to the domain controller? The fact that Windows is
> capable of caching domain credentials is a Windows feature, and not
> something that Oracle can or should make use of.
> Anyway: you might do us all a favour and now change
> remote_login_passwordfile back to its original setting of EXCLUSIVE and
> report back on whether your remote connections as a privileged user
> still work.
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