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Re: W2000 connect / as sysdba problem

From: Andrew <>
Date: 30 Apr 2004 19:48:56 -0700
Message-ID: <>

now I switched to

remote_login_passwordfile = SHARED

so when laptop is connected to domain I can use

connect / as sysdba

if laptop is not connected to network, i.e. at home, I am using

connect sys/password as sysdba.

This is ok, I just have to edit my scripts to always use sys/password in connect string which is not a big deal.

This all is taking place on my laptop. Instance is running on my laptop and I am connecting to this instance on the same laptop. Why the hell it requires domain access to allow me to "connect / as sysdba" I don't know...

I am using good old W2K pro.

Thanks for your answers guys.

"Howard J. Rogers" <> wrote in message news:<409251a0$0$32558$>...
> Andrew wrote:

> I wrote you a long reply, and then my Internet connection died, just as
> I hit the send button... I presume it's now gone to the great black hole
> in the sky somewhere.
> Short version (because I can't remember all of the original!): you could
> try listener.log in ORACLE_HOME\network\log. It will at least show you
> the O/S username as received by the Listener, which may help a little.
> But otherwise, I can't think of anywhere this would be logged. The
> insufficient privieleges message is just the database doing its normal
> thing and authenticating people, so it's not an error state as such, and
> I wouldn't expect it therefore to actually ever be logged.
> I'm a bit confused, because you mentioned originally, I think, that this
> was all taking place on your laptop... but now you're talking about
> domains and such like. Can you clarify the situation? Is this really all
> happening on one laptop, or is there a network and remote connections
> involved somewhere?
> Which O/S are you using, again? Windows 2000 Professional, Server or
> what (again, with a domain being mentioned, there's got to be Server in
> there somewhere, but on a laptop???!) And if we are talking a remote
> connection, be clear about what the client is using and what the server
> is using. I think something's been lost (by me) in translation somewhere.
> All I can tell you is that the test I showed Kenneth working was from an
> XP laptop running the 10g client connecting to a Windows 2000 Advanced
> Server running 9i release 2. SQLNET.ORA on the client was as I posted to
> Kenneth, remote_login_password was set to EXCLUSIVE, and the
> tnsnames.ora is stock-standard stuff (namely:
> WIN92 =
> (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = mozart)(PORT = 1521))
> )
> (SERVICE_NAME = win92.dizwell.local)
> )
> )
> The listener.ora on the server has no weirdnesses in it, either (no
> Shared Server, for example). I log on to my laptop as a domain user, and
> that user account is indeed a member of the server's ORA_DBA group.
> All of which you described as having done, so I'm not sure what else to
> suggest. Other than, perhaps, if it used to work and doesn't work any
> more, what changed in between??
> Apologies if this duplicates somewhere.
> Regards
Received on Fri Apr 30 2004 - 21:48:56 CDT

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