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Re: What's up with - anyone else have problems?

From: Joel Garry <>
Date: 27 Apr 2004 11:22:30 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Turkbear <> wrote in message news:<>...
> (Joel Garry) wrote:
> >Ed Stevens <nospam_at_noway.nohow> wrote in message news:<>...
> >> Anyone else having problems with I normally hit it
> >> several times a day to look up an error msg or check a manual. On
> >> Friday it asked me to log in (something it seems to do sporadically)
> >> but wouldn't accept my userid and password. Even after requesting a
> >> confirmation of my password, I copied and pasted the information from
> >> the confirming e-mail, but still rejected.
> >>
> >> What's even more strange is that after following some links to find a
> >> place to report the problem, I found myself at
> >>, and that page had
> >> a 'Welcome' with my e-mail address and a 'logout' link. It obviously
> >> thought I was already logged in. When I followed links from there to
> >> the OTN forums, ( the
> >> Welcome said I was 'guest' and had a 'Login' link.
> >>
> >> I was able to read the OTN forums as a guest, there were several
> >> others reporting the same problem.
> >
> >I've noticed a number of strangenesses among the various sites since
> >they put out the new metalink, looks to me like they are trying to
> >rollout various new pages and us users see the results of
> >webcache-aphasia. I wonder if they are upgrading their SSO?
> >
> >jg
> Since cookies are used to indicate your log in status, perhaps you accidentally ( or as part of your security routines)
> deleted the cookie(s) used by Tahiti, etc or the site is failing to read some of your cookies.
> (Somehow that sounds slightly dirty :-) )
> If Tahiti ( or metalink and otn) fails to properly add the cookie-reading routine to a new page, it will not recognize you.

Here's an interesting white paper (dated April, 2004) on Oracle's own Portal implementation:

Here's some trollish points that stuck out at me:

No RAC 'till later this year. Mid-tier not on cluster to avoid unnecessary chatting.
linux for security, homepage serving, webcache. Sun for database, SSO and content
Specialized hardware for public front-end and SSO encryption. Stupid @$%# pdf gives blurry figures, especially ironic when talking about "refocusing."
Parallel Page Engine gives parts of pages if portlets too slow (like the 10g where I'm seeing truncated html commands presented to users?).

<actually relevant to thread>
Need to restart a mid-tier machine every day. Data Guard 3 hour delay to avoid propagation of corrupt data. All the Oracle online services including OTN use one user repository to authenticate users.
System and User level cacheing set to 480 minutes. Webcache is per-session, Portal cache can survive sessions (hmmmm, if a portal cache happens to wind up on a machine that is about to be restarted...).

Performance monitoring done by OEM, and uploading logs to a database, and jobs that run every 5 minutes to see if things are working, and unix tools.
Configurations left at defaults, with some exceptions. MTS avoided due to overhead.
Site usage analysis is done with a third party tool. Charts show good times for DNS attacks.


-- is bogus.
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