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Re: How to move Oracle database to a new machine?

From: Ed Stevens <nospam_at_noway.nohow>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 07:20:22 -0500
Message-ID: <>

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On 26 Apr 2004 14:57:35 -0700, (Joan) wrote:

> (Pete's) wrote in message news:<>...
>> D Rolfe <> wrote in message news:<>...
>> I think you're making a mountain out of a mole hill. It would be
>> helpful to all if you posted the OS versions of both machines. Also
>> one question for yourself, how much downtime are you allowed? I'm
>> assuming this is a production DB move. Without knowing all the
>> details and if it were me and I were allowed several hours of
>> downtime, I would do the following:
>> 1. Load & patch Oracle to the needed levels on Server 2.
>> 2. Setup needed directory structures on Server 2 for the DB, also the
>> init.ora.
>> 3. Shutdown db & listener on server 1.
>> 4. Copy database from server 1 to server 2
>> 5. Start up db and listener on server 2.
>> 6. Change your tnsnames.ora file on all servers and clients to
>> reflect this change.
>> You're done.
>> If you were not allowed much downtime, then restore a cold backup of
>> database onto server 2, i.e. I would do the following:
>> 1. Same as above.
>> 2. Same as above.
>> 3. Startup db on server 2 but do not open.
>> 4. Copy archives from the backup you used to the current ones created
>> onto Server2.
>> 5. Issue recover database to apply those logs.
>> 6. Shutdown DB on server 1.
>> 7. Copy all archive logs that are on server1 that ARE NOT on server
>> 2.
>> 8. Issue recover database again.
>> 9. open your database, it should open normally, i.e. without a
>> resetlogs.
>> 10. Change all of your tns information on all servers and clients to
>> reflect this change.
>> One note, try a test restore of the database to server 2 before
>> migrating to it, i.e. test it first before actually moving it.
>> HTH,
>> Pete's
>The old OS is SunOS 5.8. The new one will be SunOS too. I don't know
>the version yet.
>In your first step4 (copy database from server 1 to 2), this means
>copying only data files(*.dbf) or all database files (including
>control files, redo log file password file, etc)?

All the files. Think about what happens when you try to start the db, if you don't have the control files, etc.

>Do directories on server 2 have to be same as the ones on server 1?

No, but but to change them requires a lot of extra work. Think about the mechanism Oracle uses to locate the files.

>Since the new machine is not ready, I tried to practice on my PC first
>(I figure if moving to a different OS will work, it will be a snap to
>move to a same OS later).

You realize, of course, that binary files are not transportable across disparate OS's.

> So I downloaded Oracle817NTEE from Oracle
>Corporate website and tried to install it on my PC (runnning
>Windows2000 Professional). I tried to run setup.exe but nothing
>happens. The Universal Installer won't open. I restarted my computer
>but it didn't help. Any idea what I could've done wrong?

Sounds suspiciously like the well-known Pentium-4 bug.

>Thanks so much for everyone's help.
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