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Re: Load Testing Script

From: Jim Kennedy <>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 01:54:17 GMT
Message-ID: <dZZic.21334$0u6.3664739@attbi_s03>

"Michael" <> wrote in message
> Hello,
> In Oracle 10g is there a simple PL\SQL type script you can recommend
> that will load test a database? A script that is written for 9i that
> works in 10g would be fine too. I am looking for it do basic
> operations to create tables, insert x rows, delete x rows, query
> tables etc.
> I am new to 10g and would like to shake it out a bit before I handing
> it over to developers?
> Thanks,
> Michael

The title of the post is load testing. So I assume you want to test some sort of scalability test, probably to answer the question of how many users can use my system with x, y, z hardware constraints. If that is what you are interested in then a script isn't going to cut the mustard. How an application is written and architected will have a much larger effect than some "script" that will insert, delete, update some tables. (eg see tcp-c benchmarks, they don't "script" them, they have a defined work flow, and then they have client machines drive the system.) Doing scalability testing is a very difficult, involved, iterative project. (been there, it can be a lot of fun, but it is a lot of detailed work.) There are no scripts to do load testing, one usually buys a tool (or writes one) and drives the system.(based upon a defined workflow and a defined response times with variances) Buying the tool is a difficult process because if you have written the application correctly then the odds the tool accurately imates your system is small. (claims some of these vendors make and the reality are often very different) Also people don't usually load test creating tables - your application should not dynamically create tables. (no reason to)

If on the other hand you want to QA the system to see if it works (can I create tables, etc.) then that is a whole other matter.

Jim Received on Sun Apr 25 2004 - 20:54:17 CDT

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