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Re: Installing Oracle Application Server 10g (ias 9.0.4)

From: Hans Forbrich <>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 02:28:09 GMT
Message-ID: <Za%hc.1390$2q2.335@edtnps84>

farah nur wrote:

> Gurus,
> I have just been hired to install, administer, and maintain Oracle
> Application Server 10g (SUN SOLARIS). I will start it in 2 days. I am
> currently an APPS DBA.

(I'm very sorry to hear that you accept such a position without appropriate knowledge and training.)

> I would like to get some feedback from the veterans who have already
> installed AS 10g and administering it. Here are some of my questions:
> 1) Where can I get detailed info on how to install, administer, and
> maintain it?

Same place as all other Oracle documentation -

> 2) Is it stable enough?

Far, far better than it's predecessors 9.0.2 ad 9.0.3

> 3) Are there any gotchas out there?

Many. Too many to discuss without knowing your environment and target purpose. (Aside form Solaris.)

Make sure you install the Infrastructure well before the App Server - assuming you need Infrastructure for your environment.

Make sure you have enough servers to properly install everything.

Make sure you understand how to monitor memory & CPU utilization as well as swap/page situations.

Hope you have a Metalink account!

Take an App Server course at the very least. Oracle University has a few decent ones. Give us your location. If Canada, I might be able to help you ... although the next one I have scheduled is 9i and is not for a while, there might be enough demand for a special. (Decipher my personal email address at bottom.)

> 4) Are there any websites you would recommend for knowledge gathering?

Metalink, Technet.

forbrich at telus nospace_here planet dot net Received on Thu Apr 22 2004 - 21:28:09 CDT

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