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Re: What's up with - anyone else have problems?

From: Joel Garry <>
Date: 22 Apr 2004 16:28:20 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Turkbear <> wrote in message news:<>...
> (Joel Garry) wrote:
> >Ed Stevens <nospam_at_noway.nohow> wrote in message news:<>...
> >> Anyone else having problems with I normally hit it
> >> several times a day to look up an error msg or check a manual. On
> >> Friday it asked me to log in (something it seems to do sporadically)
> >> but wouldn't accept my userid and password. Even after requesting a
> >> confirmation of my password, I copied and pasted the information from
> >> the confirming e-mail, but still rejected.
> >>
> >> What's even more strange is that after following some links to find a
> >> place to report the problem, I found myself at
> >>, and that page had
> >> a 'Welcome' with my e-mail address and a 'logout' link. It obviously
> >> thought I was already logged in. When I followed links from there to
> >> the OTN forums, ( the
> >> Welcome said I was 'guest' and had a 'Login' link.
> >>
> >> I was able to read the OTN forums as a guest, there were several
> >> others reporting the same problem.
> >
> >I've noticed a number of strangenesses among the various sites since
> >they put out the new metalink, looks to me like they are trying to
> >rollout various new pages and us users see the results of
> >webcache-aphasia. I wonder if they are upgrading their SSO?
> >
> >jg
> Since cookies are used to indicate your log in status, perhaps you accidentally ( or as part of your security routines)
> deleted the cookie(s) used by Tahiti, etc or the site is failing to read some of your cookies.
> (Somehow that sounds slightly dirty :-) )

Only if they're walnut cookies. :-)

> If Tahiti ( or metalink and otn) fails to properly add the cookie-reading routine to a new page, it will not recognize you.

I do sometimes delete cookies, but the effect is capricious and when it happens it happens much more often than that. Simply following links in a roundabout manner through the various sites seems to be enough, and like Ed noticed, certain sites seem to get hiccups at times.


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